Slideshow Outlines how Military is Required to handle the Qur’an

Here we have another poke in the chest to the U.S. Military by diplomats, bureaucrats, and politically correct intellectuals who have far more power than they’re capable of handling.

In the wake of the violence in Afghanistan set off by the burning of defaced Qur’ans, the U.S. Military has issued a training guide in the form of a slideshow that is to train military personnel how to properly handle a Qur’an.

Here are a few of the slides via Atlas Shrugs:

That slide is particularly interesting because it explains how Muslims view the Qur’an in a way almost identical to how Christians view the Bible. Yet, when the U.S. Military attempts to correctly dispose of defaced Qur’ans, they’re met with deadly violence and a slideshow from their superiors as if they’re the ones responsible for the murderous masses. Conversely, in 2009, the U.S. Military ordered the burning of Christian Bibles because their existence might cause violent Muslim reactions. In essence, Christian military officials diminished their own religion (assuming they have a Christian heritage) while lifting Islam up.

As far as sheer and shameless dhimmitude, this slide says quite a bit:

There is no way to win a war with this mindset or instruction. This is nothing more than succumbing to bully tactics, exactly the opposite of what Ralphie did to Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story:

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