Iran, Hezbollah step up support of Syria’s Assad (why that is a good thing)

Folks, please do not be fooled into thinking that because Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah are aggressively coming to Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s aid means that the United States should support the Syrian rebels. Some of our most senior Senators – McCain, Lieberman, and Graham – have already fallen into that trap. As an American, you should actually support Assad retaining control of Syria; this will keep the balance of power between the Shiites and Sunnis from tipping dramatically in the favor of the Muslim Brotherhood Sunnis.

I just wanted to put that out here before posting a report on this story, via Reuters:

Iran is providing a broad array of assistance to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to help him suppress anti-government protests, from high-tech surveillance technology to guns and ammunition, U.S. and European security officials say.

Tehran’s technical assistance to Assad’s security forces includes electronic surveillance systems, technology designed to disrupt efforts by protesters to communicate via social media, and Iranian-made drone aircraft for overhead surveillance, the officials said. They discussed intelligence matters on condition of anonymity.

Iran has also provided lethal materiel that can be used for riot control, they said.

“Over the past year, Iran has provided security assistance to Damascus to help shore up Assad. Tehran during the last couple of months has been aiding the Syrian regime with lethal assistance – including rifles, ammunition, and other military equipment – to help it put down the opposition,” a U.S. official said.

Syria is not going to fall like Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt did. Those are already Sunni-dominated lands that didn’t have any notable Shiite resistance. Syria is a much different story both in terms of it being run by the Assad government, which is Alawite (Shiite) as well as its strategic placement (it shares a border with Turkey). Assad’s regime is fighting forces that want a global Muslim Brotherhood and the former will not go quietly. Russia already has a military presence there.

As fiercely as Iran wants to see Assad hold on to power, Sunni Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi just as fiercely wants the Brotherhood to be victorious. It’s long past time for the United States to back out of Syria. Anyone who wants to get involved to help the rebels will be aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of the United States – The Muslim Brotherhood.

However disheartening it may be to see Iran victorious in any battle, it will be much more dire if Syria falls to the global Muslim Brotherhood.

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