European “Counter-Jihadists” Rallying in Denmark

If you’ve ever wanted to see liberal media bias on display, look no further.

Check out the very first paragraph from a France 24 news article about “Counter-Jihadists” rallying in response to the Toulouse, France murders:

An al-Qaeda-inspired gunman kills paratroopers and Jewish children in southern France. A far-right fanatic enraged by Muslim immigration guns down dozens of youths at a summer camp in Norway.

So why wasn’t the French gunman a “fanatic enraged” by the existence of, say, infidels?

Let’s move on:

The attacks in France and Norway represent the most horrific extremes of two trends of intolerance troubling Europe: Strengthening far-right sentiment that has sometimes bled into the mainstream, and growing Islamic radicalisation in Europe’s disadvantaged, immigrant-heavy neighbourhoods.

Did you catch that? Far-right frustrations bleed into the mainstream for apparently no reason at all. Yet, the reason for Islamic radicalization is poverty. France 24 has no sense of perspective here.

How about something like, “French citizens fed up with the refusal of Muslim immigrants to assimilate into French society are growing increasingly concerned about increased violence as a result of hatred of non-Muslims.”

While Islamophobia is dismissed as an irrational response to restiveness resulting from exclusion and poverty, these Islamic communities have shown absolutely no interest in French culture; they despise it.

Would you hire someone who spits on YOUR welcome mat before a job interview?

Back to France 24’s article:

With Europe still stunned by last week’s killings in Toulouse, France, a loosely knit group of xenophobic “defence leagues” plans to rally in Denmark on Saturday against what they call the growing Islamic presence in western Europe.

Whoa! Wait a minute. Xenophobic? How come these angry Muslim “yutes” aren’t “Infidel-phobic” or “Euro-phobic” when that’s what the evidence points to? This excerpt is particularly interesting:

Danish intelligence services expect up to 700 of these strident, anti-Muslim “counter-Jihadists”. A counter-demonstration is anticipated to draw several thousand people. Police vow to keep the two groups apart. But the clashing views on display show Europe’s heightened polarization.

“These terrorist events are creating sparks, and a small spark can set off a huge fire,” said Magnus Ranstorp, research director of the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies in Sweden. “It can set off huge social polarisation, and this is what the terrorists want to achieve. Now there is an increased rightwing climate – the counter-jihad movement – feeding off these Islamophobic forces.”

Feeding off Islamophobic forces? Who are those Islamophobic forces? Can we get names? How about a quote from someone representing the Islamophobes?

Back to France 24:

Tensions over immigration from northern Africa and other countries with large Islamic populations have fuelled the rise of far-right movements across Europe. In France, the ultranationalist National Front is expected to make gains in upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

Perhaps they could have saved some words by simply writing, “Geert Wilders appears to have been correct.”

The ultimate irony here is that the writer of the France 24 article is the one with Islamophobia. Otherwise, the piece wouldn’t have been so biased in favor of the Muslim community. Fear (phobia) can make one do bizarre things.

Try to read it all without scoffing.


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