About Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Saudi King…

The Obama administration seems bound and determined to see a Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) victory in Syria. Make no mistake. If Bashar Al-Assad is overthrown, that’s what will happen. This greatly serves the interests of Turkey, which borders Syria to the north. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Saudi King Abduallah this week, ostensibly, to strategize how best to aid the rebels in Syria.

Via Breitbart (AP):

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought to work out a unified strategy on the crisis in Syria in talks with Saudi officials on Friday as further violence stymied U.N. efforts to convince Damascus to implement a cease-fire.

Clinton’s talks with Saudi King Abdullah and other officials come ahead of a 60-nation gathering of the “Friends of the Syrian People” in Istanbul over the weekend aimed at finding ways to aid Syria’s opposition. The U.S. is hoping to help unify the splintered opposition’s ranks while pushing for humanitarian aid and further isolation of Assad’s regime.

Istanbul is, of course, in Turkey, which is taking great, great pleasure in the Brotherhood’s ascendancy over the last year. If watching countries like Egypt fall to the Ikhwan was like eating a tasty burger, the fall of Syria to the Brotherhood would be like prime rib – for multiple reasons, not the least of which is it would change from Shiite to Sunni while greatly strengthening Turkey’s leverage with Iran.

More from the AP:

Saudi Arabia, along with fellow Gulf nation Qatar, has called for a more aggressive approach, including arming the rebels and carving out a safe haven inside Syria from which the opposition can operate.

Westerners often scratch their heads at this point, while attempting to soak in the answers to several questions.

Isn’t the House of Saud always fighting the wahhabists? Yes.

Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood wahhabist? Yes.

Isn’t the goal of the Brotherhood a global one while the House of Saud desires to remain a nationalist state? Yes.

So, why would Saudi Arabia support the Brotherhood in Syria and a stronger wahhabist movement? Ah, we are getting to the heart of the madness in the Middle East. If you thought presidential elections in the United States always seem to be about choosing the lesser of two evils, you ain’t seen nothin’ until you study the geopolitics of these lands.

For starters, the Brotherhood is Sunni; that is a common bond between the Saudi Royal family and the Ikhwan. This ultimately trumps Assad’s Alawite (Shiite) government. Despite Assad sharing the common bond of nationalism with Saudi Arabia, the Sunni / Shia divide carries a sort of ‘blood is thicker than water’ aspect to it. Advantage, wahhabists.

Moreover, and perhaps tipping the scales as much as anything else, is the sheer enmity that exists between Shiite Iran and Saudi Arabia. If there is a nation Iran hates more than Israel, it just might be Saudi Arabia, for a multitude of reasons we’ll reserve for another day (hint: Read God’s War on Terror).

Again, a telling excerpt from the AP report:

Asked what might constitute success for Sunday’s Friends of the Syrian People meeting in Istanbul, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said, “We want to see as much unity as possible among those members of the opposition.” She said conversations also would focus on humanitarian aid and further isolating Assad’s government.

Victoria Nuland is the same spokeswoman who openly refused to identify Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel earlier this week. She also represents Hillary Clinton’s position.

So Nuland refuses to support Israel’s position that Jerusalem is the nation’s capital but supports the unification of Brotherhood forces in Syria? This should alarm all Americans…. but I digress.

The AP report ends thusly:

Clinton said the U.S. and its allies would spend the next few days helping Syria’s primarily Sunni opposition refine its vision of an inclusive democracy, to assure minorities still supportive of the government that they’d have a place in a post-Assad future. She said Washington hoped for progress on that front this weekend.

Perhaps it’s time for Mrs. Clinton to issue a disclaimer relative to why she might be so invested in the success of Sunni (Muslim Brotherhood) opposition in Syria. As we wrote last year, her Deputy Chief of Staff and closest aide, Huma Abedin (yes, Anthony Weiner’s wife), has very close familial ties to the Brotherhood. Huma’s mother – Saleha Abedin – is a leader of the Ikhwan’s Muslim Sisterhood.

Again, it’s worth underscoring that the reason devout Muslim Huma was permitted to marry Weiner, who happens to be Jewish, is quite likely because Muruna permits it. As a practicing Muslim, it’s the only logical explanation for the marriage – short of a conversion of Weiner to Islam. Muruna also provides the best explanation for why Huma hasn’t been denounced or rejected by her mother. The former’s marriage to a Jew would normally be considered a grievous offense.

More at Breitbart.


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