Syria’s Assad forces reportedly fired on Refugee camp in Turkey

It’s being reported with greater frequency that the fighting in Syria has spilled over into both Turkey and Lebanon. The tensions between Turkey and Syria – and by extension, Iran – are expected to continue escalating as long as Assad is in power.

Via Haaretz:

Shots were fired Wednesday morning by Syrian forces toward a refugee camp in Turkey, located across the border from Syria, Turkish media reported.

CNN-Turk broadcast images showing Syrian forces firing at Turkish territory from a border surveillance building flying the Syrian flag near southeastern Turkey.

Moreover, Turkish media reported that Assad troops fired at Syrian refugees trying to cross the border with Turkey.

On Monday, Syrian forces fired into Turkey and Lebanon, killing two people in a Turkish refugee camp.

We need to start asking some logical questions. Why is Syria firing on “refugee camps” at a time when Assad is facing a Public Relations nightmare? If these were truly innocent refugees, wouldn’t Assad happily leave them alone to focus on real threats inside his borders? Attacking innocent refugees in another country who are not fighting him would only compound his already horrible image problems. Why would he do so?

Moreover, why would Assad deliberately provoke Turkey by firing on innocents in that country? Could it be that they’re not “innocents” at all?

Remember, in the Middle East, the term “refugee camp” is more often than not, a blatant misnomer used to mask the true identity of a terrorist hub.

Youm7 is reporting that Syria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs – Walid Al-Mualim – is accusing Turkey of arming Syrian rebels who then travel back to Syria to wage resistance against Assad’s forces.

Once again, al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood seem to be better at winning the propaganda war than Syria is.


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