Story of Murdered Iraqi woman in San Diego suddenly nowhere to be found

The last noteworthy story that was published about Shaima Alawadi’s murder showed that her husband and daughter may be linked to her death, despite a note left next to her body that referred to her as a ‘terrorist’ who should return to her own country.

When the story first broke, there were forces at work that desperately wanted Alawdi’s death to get the Trayvon Martin treatment. Since the Daily Mail article mentioned above, stories have either been scrubbed or not written.

Jawa report has even found several dead links with no update on the story to speak of:

Why is it that all the interest in this woman’s death has suddenly dissolved into thin air? Why are the only stories that remain parroting the hate crime narrative while none list recent developments in the evidence?

Why does she not deserve justice? Is there some sort of problem with the narrative?

When will her family return to the US to help investigators clear up this issue and find justice for Shaima?

One viewing of this local San Diego news report should go a long way in explaining why this story has been swept aside. CAIR doesn’t want the black eye of having tied itself to a family that allegedly had a role in this woman’s death while attempting to make it look like a hate crime; the police are embarrassed because they let the husband and daughter flee the country; and the liberal media has no interest in exposing something that would make the Muslim community look bad.

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