Camel Urine: Drink Up and Bon Appétit!

Message from Walid…

In the Arab world, Camel Urine products are going viral.. It’s a solution for cancer, hair loss, cosmetics… even camel urine shampoo, in capsule forms, camel urine oils… debates on which is the best way to apply camel urine on blogs, I searched and searched the Arabic for some sanity but no one dares to expose the camel urine myth since camel urine is ordered by Muhammad himself. From Misyar (pleasure marriage) to camel urine, the middle east is becoming crazier by the day.

Viewer discretion IS advised.

First up, a liberal (what else can he be) takes the plunge:

Next, Camel pee out of a teapot:

Or this, courtesy of Al-Jazeera. This serving (at the 1:00 mark) came with a head on it.