Why Leftists Ally with Islamists

Walid Shoebat

The stage is being set for the rise of several tyrannies all over the world as the leftist agenda enjoins with the global Islamic agenda as was the case in France, when Muslims flocked to vote for the leftist, Francois Hollande. In Egypt, the largest most populated Arab country, it looks like Islamist Aboul Futuh is the likely candidate to win by uniting the liberal left and the Islamists. As for the phenomenon that unites Leftists with Islamists, it’s a question that puzzles many conservatives.

Mr. Aboul Fotouh is an ex-leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has re-branded himself as a liberal Islamist.

When it comes to leftists and Muslim cooperation, it is important we go to the root of the issue and not simply study the symptoms of the disease as we do with the War on Terror.

Muslim apologists’ assertion that Islam has much in common with the Bible – even superseding it – or that Islam adheres to conservative values is incongruous. Progressives have identified Islamic terrorism as “far-right” or “conservative” and on par with Judeo-Christian values while inserting the religion of Islam into the moderate camp. Not all conservative values are made equal; the reality is that Islam attempts to wedge itself between the two monotheistic faiths, proclaiming it is one of the three great monotheistic religions while having little in common with Biblically conservative values and a great deal in common with the leftist progressive ideology. Why else would staunch leftists speak positively about Islam? Why do progressives support Islam? Is it possible that they share the same god? Could it be that all roads lead to their common god – the god of this world?

We need to study not only Islam, but leftists like Al Gore who praise Islamic environmentalism: “The central concepts of Islam taught by the Qur’ân–“ Gore says is “Tawheed(unity), khalifa(trusteeship), akharah(accountability) – also serve as the pillars of the Islamic environmental ethic. The earth is the sacred creation of Allah.”

It is also worthy to note that every one of Gore’s translations of the Arabic terms is a misnomer; “tawheed” is not “unity,” “khalifa” is not “trusteeship,” and “akharah” is not accountability. Tawheed is the Islamic Unitarianism that Allah is a single one that is set in contrast with the Christian Trinity; Khalifa in Islam is the vicar of Allah on earth, the Mahdi or the Caliph and the supreme ruler of the Muslim Umma; Akharah is the judgment Day. Gore swallowed his views on Islamic environmentalism hook, line, and sinker from Dr. Abdullah Omar Naseef, an Al-Qaeda godfather and the Secretary General of the Muslim World League during the Muslim Declaration on Nature, 1986:

“So unity, trusteeship and accountability, that is tawhid, khalifah and akhirah, the three central concepts of Islam, are also the pillars of the environmental ethics of Islam. They constitute the basic values taught by the Qur’ân. It is these values which led Muhammad, (peace be upon him), the Prophet of Islam, to say: ‘Whosoever plants a tree and diligently looks after it until it matures and bears fruit is rewarded,’ …Environmental consciousness is born when such values are adopted and become an intrinsic part of our mental and physical make-up.”

It is important that we bust the myth; it is not accurate to say that progressive liberals have a negative view of religion. Progressives, in reality have a positive view of religion, so long as it is not the Bible. Why else would staunch leftists like Nietzsche, Hegel, Rousseau, Ward Churchill, George Galloway, Karen Armstrong, Lynne Stewart, Hitler, Norman Finkelstein and liberal organizations like the ACLU, Code Pink, Women For Peace and countless others promote Islamist causes while at the same time hating the Torah and the Biblically conservative values unless Islam and all other non-Biblical religions have more in common with the left.

This is why Environmentalism has elements similar to what we see in Islam, Communism, Nazism and Darwinism. Environmentalism, like every ‘isim’ is a system that advocates a process of serving goddess earth by ridding the world of the undesirables that consume her. Islam is to serve Maliki Rab el-Alameen, the God of this world and the underworld, that is the God of Earth. Both liberals and Islamists have a view that today’s undesirables are Israel and the Christian Zionist Right. This is the parallel to Nazism and we see it today in the new Nazism of Islam.

Religious Jews and Christians see God having us defend ourselves, but never having to defend Him – God can defend Himself. Defending the faith from a Christian perspective is to have an open dialogue over religion which Muslims take advantage of in the West to recruit more to the house of Islam. In Islam, it is promoting ‘virtue’ by defending the faith while protecting the earth from its ‘mischievous’ subjects through the application of force, whether such force is through litigation by using freedom or through the violence of terrorism. They act as good cop, bad cop; slick willies fill our universities. The Qur’ân’s habit is always to introduce the fruit-punch – the love verses:

“For this reason did We prescribe to the children of Israel that whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or for mischief in the earth, it is as though he slew the whole of mankind; and whoever saves a life, it is as though he saved the whole of mankind.” (Q 5:32)

The cyanide is introduced in the next verse:

“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the earth is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.” (Q 5:33)

The god of Islam is similar to the god of the leftists who cannot survive without the adherents of the faith. They are all alike; they ascribe to a lord of mercy and compassion that initiates their holy writ with “in the name of Allah the most compassionate.” Muhammad was compassionate with dogs, to even have promised heaven to someone that saved a thirsty dog. Megalomaniacs are not void of compassion.

The Nazis, like Muhammadan Islamists, were animal rights activists. Heinrich Himmler, who saw nothing evil in killing the multitudes of the innocent – created in God’s image – seemed to have great compassion for the lost souls of the animals. Himmler once said regarding animals:

“How can you find pleasure in shooting from behind cover at poor creatures browsing on the edge of a wood, innocent, defenseless, and unsuspecting?…It’s really pure murder.”

In August 1933, Hermann Goring barred the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments,” threatening to commit to concentration camps “those who still think they can treat animals as inanimate property.” Today, we see leftists attack farm lands. Even Mussolini:

“As well as being an ‘anti-globalizer’, there were several other ways in which Mussolini would have appealed to modern-day greenies. He made Capri a bird sanctuary (Smith, 1967, p. 84) and in 1926 he issued a decree reducing the size of newspapers to save wood pulp to even mandate the use of gasohol – the mixing of industrial alcohol with petroleum products to make fuel for cars (Smith, 1967, p. 87). Mussolini also disliked the population drift from rural areas into the big cities and in 1930 passed a law to put a stop to it unless official permission was granted (Smith, 1967, p. 90). What Green/Left advocate could ask for more?”20

Nazis treated Jews as vermin and Nazis became the vermin. Today’s superior Islamists are tomorrow’s vermin. Leftist liberals treated fetuses as leeches and we became the leeches. We murder collectively and dump human beings like sewage. No animal behaves in such a way. Why then should we be elevated on the top of the food chain? Our propensity to do evil is immense with immense consequences.
Yet when we always elevate ourselves we end up doing the reverse. It is as if we must remain on a certain level. It’s like there is a gravity and what goes up in pride must fall down hard. We never learn that the laws in Torah are absolute and cannot evolve or change to the whims of man.

Every time we think we reached our ‘supermanhood’ we in reality have degraded to ‘animalhood,’ or even worse, for animals do not do what we do—they have no abortions and generally do not declare war on other animals. They mostly kill only for a necessity.

Bible believers would argue that Evil is the process of us governing others without allowing God to govern us. We all can make choices—we can either believe that God exists or He simply is nowhere to be found. But the moral law stands—that if we remove God, the government will become God.

The government, not the individual will become the temple of worship and thus we will live in tyranny. You can never become a god but must elevate a collective tyranny into a god.

Either God becomes king or a tyrant becomes king.

Walid Shoebat is the author For God or For Tyranny