Muslim Brotherhood to meet in Moscow; fatwa to be issued

The Brotherhood will likely be very sincere when its members meet in Moscow, Russia to issue a fatwa that is allegedly going to condemn ‘radicalization and extremism’ but if they are, it won’t be for the reasons you might think.

Via OnIslam:

A host of Muslim scholars and religious leaders will gather in the Russian capital this week to issue a fatwa condemning radicalization and extremism.

In a conference themed “Islamic Doctrine Against Radicalism”, about 50 Russian muftis and imams and nearly 40 prominent Muslim scholars and thinkers will meet in Moscow on May 25.

The two-day conference is organized by International Center “al-Wasatya” (Kuwait), Scientific-Educational Center (Russia) and the International Union for Muslim Scholars.

The main purpose of the conference is to issue a fatwa condemning radicalism and extremism and condemning the use of terms as Jihad, Takfir and Caliphate for political gains.

The fatwa is expected to play an important role not only for Russian Muslims, but also for all Muslims worldwide.

A little further in the article, we learn the most important reason for the fatwa:

Both Russian officials and Muslims are impatiently waiting for the conference and the issuance of the fatwa to be used in the prevention of radical ideas spearheaded by extremists, which spoil the image of Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and freedom.

On its face, this may appear like a positive development but upon further analysis, it reflects something much more sinister, insidious, and ultimately a greater threat to western civilization. As violent jihad declines, political jihad rises – and becomes more effective. The Brotherhood senses it’s on the rise and is following the Fethullah Gulen playbook.

The Brotherhood knows all too well that its political / stealth jihad is keeping the infidels sufficiently sedated. It does not want any terror attacks to wake them up. Remember, these political jihadists want the same thing the violent ones do. They just want to get there via a different route.

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