Egypt’s Elections and where the Middle East is headed

Walid Shoebat

Raymond Ibrahim presents an accurate picture of the condition in Egypt’s elections: “as the Western mainstream media fixate on images of purple-stained fingers—it is well to remember that there is much more at stake in Egypt’s elections than the mere “right” to vote.” He adds:

Bear in mind that this is not the same thing as American voters being divided between “liberal” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans; rather, this election is much more existential in nature—possibly cataclysmic for Egyptian society. For, whereas both American Republicans and Democrats operate under the selfsame U.S. Constitution, in Egypt, an Islamist president will usher in Sharia law, which will fundamentally transform the nation. One veiled woman interviewed yesterday at the voting polls put it best: “We came to elect the man who implements Sharia (Islamic law). But I am afraid of liberals, secularists, Christians. I am afraid of their reaction if an Islamist wins. They won’t let it go easily. But God be with us.

So what is she saying?

If a Sharia-friendly president is fairly elected, non-Islamists will rebel. But its the Islamists who are on record warning that if a secularist emerges as president, its proof that the elections were rigged, and an armed jihad will be proclaimed as Usama Qasem of Islamic Jihad said in the Arabic. Islamic Jihad plays god cop M.B plays nice Cop, both are in the same department. Thus, Egyptian cleric Dr. Talat Zahran proclaimed that it is “obligatory to cheat at elections, a beautiful thing,” his logic being that voting is a tool, an instrument, the only value of which is to empower and implement Sharia.

Ibrahim adds:

Tens of millions of impoverished Egyptians who care little about voting, who care little about Sharia or secularism, and are more than happy to exchange their vote for a temporal boon. These, the well-organized Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis—funded by Saudi petro dollars—have been busy buying, including with food and drink.

The video shows several poor women sitting with bags of food from the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice” party. The Egyptian activist keeps asking them, “Really, is that how they bought your vote?” even as the women hide their faces and leave.

Bribery is a form of deceit, as Islam’s prophet Muhammad famously declared that “war is deceit,” all of the aforementioned approaches become legitimate.

When Sharia wins in Egypt, expect to see all of Egypt like Tunisia:

So where is all of this headed? Ultimately, we will see the weakening of North Africa and Egypt to usher in a takeover at the hands of Turkey’s neo-Ottomans.


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