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MUST WATCH: Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Grills Mayor Giuliani for Telling Truth About Obama

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made news recently when he said he didn’t believe that Obama loves America. This was the reason for his appearance on Fox News with Megyn Kelly. After giving Giuliani the opportunity to apologize, Kelly hammered the former New York City Mayor for not doing so. Giuliani then invoked two names when describing […]

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When Legal Behavior is made Illegal because of what the Lawless might do

The absurdity of the ruling by a federal appeals court, that high school students were rightfully instructed to turn their U.S. flag shirts inside out during the Mexican drinking holiday known as Cinco de Mayo, is trumped only by the court’s reasoning. You see, according to the court, the students had a right to wear […]

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We wish to Remember and Honor each Veteran on this Day

Let us remember today as a tribute to all that served the most decorated soldier in US military history Audie Murphy, a veteran of tremendous accomplishments. A boy of 17 (faked his age) who joined the army and wanted to serve his country. Audie was 5′ 5″, one hundred ten pounds, laughed at by many, […]

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Bill Press channels Meathead when ripping National Anthem

Proof the left hates America and proof that Bill Press channeled Michael “Meathead” Stivic (played by liberal whack job Rob Reiner) on his talk show. First up, earlier this week, liberal socialist, marxist, commie pinko, whacko Bill Press ripped this country’s national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. His argument? It’s “un-singable,” it’s “an abomination,” and […]

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