Egyptian Zombies

By Theodore Shoebat

“The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken [man] staggereth in his vomit.” –Isaiah 19:14

This prophecy of Scripture indicates to one that the Egyptians will in the future have a nature and disposition of the greatest frenzy and violence. In this month of June alone, stories of the utmost of human gore, which goes against all morals granted to us by God. It was reported on June 8th, that in the Egyptian village of Assuit, two brothers, Ahmed Mukhtar and Abd al-Basit, massacred their mother, sister, and aunt “after discovering their sister’s actions were contrary to morality.”

The horrid act evinces that the perpetrators were truly of a spirit purely diabolical; and since the sacrifice of their own family was seen as pleasing to their war-god, Allah, their bloody doing is of that heathen precept which esteems the slaughter of the innocent as pleasing to the divine. The aunt of the two murderers, Saida Muhammad Mukhtar, was found “with her head sliced off”; the mother, Amina Ahmed Muhammad, found “drowned in blood by the entrance of the house”; and the sister, Sana Mukhtar, was discovered cut to pieces in a room.

The most recently reported story of this month, was that of a butcher in Egypt who had killed his wife, flayed her flesh off the bone, and put it for sale as lamb in his market. A customer, knowing the flesh not to be lamb, reported his find to the police who would later discover the hips of the slain victim. The story itself is self-explanatory as to the demonism of this man, who so surpasses all morality given to us by God, that it is impossible to even describe him as a human being; for man was made in the image of the Almighty, and if one commits such a sinister act, it is an indication that one has utterly subjected himself to darkness, which is the absence of Heaven’s light.

Another Egyptian man was arrested for having his wife strip herself of her clothing, and then subsequently stabbed her to death with a sword, all because she had come “home late from the market”.

The perverseness which has evidently possessed the Egyptian masses, who have recently elected Mohammad Mursi, an open member of the Muslim Brotherhood, will only escalate as time moves on. The multitude of maniacal Egyptians is only gradually turning into a crowed of zombies. But, this is not the first time the Egyptian people have turned to such sanguinary and frenzied behavior. They had partook in violence against the early church in the first century A.D., for its worship of Christ, and its rejection of the diabolical gods of Egypt. Pope Dionysus of Alexandria, who had lived in Egypt during this time, in his letter to Fabius bishop of Antioch, describes the horrors which had been done against the Christians by Egyptian pagans:

“[A] certain prophet and poet, inauspicious to the city, whoever he was, excited the mass of the heathen against us, stirring them up to their native superstition. Stimulated by him, and taking full liberty to exercise any kind of wickedness, they considered this the only piety, and the worship of their daemons, viz. to slay us. First then, seizing a certain aged man named Metra, they called upon him to utter impious expressions, and as he did not obey, they beat his body with clubs, and pricked his face and eyes; after which they led him away to the suburbs, where they stoned him. Next they led a woman called Quinta, who was a believer, to the temple of an idol, and attempted to force her to worship; but when she turned away in disgust, they tied her by the feet, and dragged her through the whole city, over the rough stones of the paved streets, dashing her against the millstones, and scourging her at the same time, until they brought her to the same place, where they stoned her. Then, with one accord, all rushed upon the houses of the pious, and whomsoever of their neighbours they knew, they drove thither in all haste, and despoiled and plundered them, setting apart the more valuable of the articles for themselves; but the more common and wooden furniture they threw about and burnt in the roads, presenting a sight like a city taken by an enemy.

But the brethren retired, and gave way, and like those to whom Paul bears witness, they also regarded the plunder of their goods with joy. And I know not whether any besides one, who fell into their hands, has thus far denied the Lord. But they also seized that admirable virgin, Apollonia, then in advanced age, and beating her jaws, they broke out all her teeth, and kindling a fire before the city, threatened to burn her alive, unless she would repeat their impious expressions. She appeared to shrink a little, but when suffered to go, she suddenly sprang into the fire and was consumed. They also seized a certain Serapion in his own house, and after torturing him with the severest cruelties, and breaking all his limbs, threw him headlong from an upper story. But there was no way, no public road, no lane, where we could walk, whether by day or night; as they all, at all times and places, cried out, whoever would refuse to repeat those impious expressions, that he should be immediately dragged forth and burnt.” (1)

The mania of the Egyptians of antiquity, will soon be witnessed in full sight in our own era. Those pagans of old Egypt were enticed by a revered prophet and poet to slaughter Christians who refused to worship their infernal gods, and so shall the Muslims of today’s Egypt inflict their cruelties upon the saints who eschew their sanguinary god Allah, all in honor of Muhammad, a prophet and poet.

The riotous are but fantasizers elated by words of wizards; and in such intoxication do they make war with the saints. From the beginning of time, the City of God and the City of Darkness have been at war; the latter charges in with but mere chimeras and aspirations of human bloodshed, while the latter holds his ground with the Sword of Truth.

(1) Dion. in Euseb. Eccles. Hist. 6.41, trans. C.F. Cruz.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny.


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