Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law and Hilary Clinton’s Fantasy

By Theodore Shoebat

Hilary Clinton has said that both the US and Pakistan are partners against terrorism, and the prime minister of the latter nation, Raja Pervez Ashraf, has affirmed that the Pakistani people are committed to ridding their land of terrorism. But, when one inquires as to what is taking places amongst the people of Pakistan, as far as liberty goes, one is immediately disappointed.

It was recently reported that a Christian pastor by the name of Joshua John of the village of Chack Maroor, was arrested by the police on ‘blasphemy’ charges in Pakistan, the oh so beloved nation of Hillary Clinton.

Pastor John was merely preaching a sermon in a church in the district of Sialkot, comparing the Bible with the Koran, when suddenly a group of Muslim clerics disrupted the meeting with accusations of blasphemy, and with threats that all Christians in the area will be annihilated. A crowd of Muslims, like zombies, surrounded the church, but the pastor luckily escaped. He was arrested and taken to a police station. One Mr. Francis had come to his defense, to which the police had said that they had wanted to help the arrested minister, but “they admitted that there was the threat of local Muslims attacking the police station”. Despite pressure from enraged Muslims, the police had released him, but only after the pastor had signed a document of reconciliation with one Elder Saleem Masih, apologizing for quoting the Koran. The pastor was taken in for protection by the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance & Settlement (CLAAS), an organization helping persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

The fact that this man was arrested based on blasphemy law, and the demands of a riotous mass of Muslims, indicates clearly enough that there is no religious freedom in Pakistan, and that the people, by and large, are not going to be helpful in America’s war against Islamic terrorism. Hillary Clinton’s aspiration, therefore, is contrary to the truth.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny