Muslim Police Officer in Ohio Fired; CAIR files lawsuit

In light of the incident in Dearborn last month where at least one Muslim police officer (probably more) stood down as Christians were stoned by a Muslim mob, this story takes on much more significance; it is a case study in what will happen if Muslims are allowed to be police officers.

Nonetheless and not unexpectedly, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is claiming that a police officer in Ohio was terminated for converting to Islam.

Via The Blaze:

A former police officer in Norton, Ohio, is alleging discrimination and claiming that he was fired from his job soon after converting to Islam. Nicholas A. Matheny has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Norton, numerous staffers with the local police department and City Administrator Richard Ryland.

The lawsuit claims that officials violated federal and state discrimination law, citing retaliation, a hostile work environment and conspiracy, according to a press release published by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Matheny’s representation is hinging its argument upon the fact that it is illegal, concerning both state and federal laws, to make employment decisions based on religion or as retribution for an employee’s complaints about alleged discrimination.

Here is an excerpt from a press release issued by CAIR:

One of Matheny’s attorneys, Subodh Chandra, said, “It is simply un-American for a public employer to fire someone because of his religion. Norton officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution. The Norton Police Department’s treatment of this officer based on his religion reflects poorly on its ability to serve all members of the community on fair terms. Norton’s leadership should hold its police department to account for the way Officer Matheny was treated.”

It’s also un-American for a police officer to pledge allegiance to a system of law (sharia) that trumps the U.S. Constitution. The truth is that a good Muslim must be lying when he is sworn in as a police officer in the United States. Technically, that’s perjury. Yet, despite that fact being the most sound argument against a Muslim cop, no one seems to make it.

The police force is likely to lose if its argument is that it didn’t fire Matheny because he converted to Islam, especially if that is the reason. Consider the recent news that the defense team of Nidal Malik Hasan raised concerns that the Military was preventing potential Muslim jurors from sitting on the jury. Instead of arguing that no discrimination was taking place, the better argument would have been for the Military to argue that it was.

In this movie metaphor, George McFly represents sleeping Americans who twist themselves into pretzels in order to avoid the truth; Biff represents those who attempt to make them see it; and the knuckles represent the truth that has such a difficult time penetrating the skulls of the brain dead.


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