Senator Joe Lieberman is ‘surprised’ at the number of Jihadists in Military

Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) heads the Senate Committee that should know more about the goals, tactics, and strategy of Jihadists. Yet, he seems to be a bit ignorant compared to a significant percentage of every day Americans, when it comes to the number of Jihadists in the U.S. Military, which is home to both militant and stealth Jihadists.

Nidal Malik Hasan is an example of the former and Louay Safi is an example of the latter. It now looks like the FBI has decided to do some digging and has found a hundred or so cases that point to more Hasans in the military.

Via IBD:

The FBI is investigating more than 100 Muslim soldiers and military contractors with the potential to carry out Fort Hood-style attacks. The administration has kept a lid on the growing threat.

It’s covering up the truth about an alarmingly widespread Islamist penetration of the military. The dangerous fifth column was discovered more than two years after Army Maj. Nidal Hasan opened fire on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 and wounding 29.

The administration whitewashed the jihadist massacre as a run-of-the-mill case of “workplace violence.” Now it’s trying to postpone Hasan’s trial until after the election to keep Islamic terrorism out of the headlines.

Details about the 100-plus investigations of other jihadist soldiers are only now coming out after being suppressed for several months. The FBI and Defense Department first revealed the numbers in a closed House-Senate committee hearing in December.

“I was surprised and struck by the numbers,” Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., told NPR. “They were larger than I expected.” That’s quite an understatement. The numbers show we’re a long way from finishing the war on Islamic terror, as much as this administration wants to pretend we’re no longer even at war.

Wait a minute, the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee is surprised at the number of Jihadists in the military?!?! Isn’t he supposed to know more than the American people?

Incidentally, in addition to Lieberman’s ignorance of that which he should know more than most people, he’s also an advocate for supporting the Syrian rebels. Those would be the same Brotherhood-friendly Syrian rebels who support Jihad in the U.S.

Want more proof? Here is Lieberman in all of his ignorant glory.


h/t Free Republic


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