A Dead Usama gets more attention than his living Financiers

Walid Shoebat

The Navy SEAL whom Fox News reported was Matt Bissonnette, wrote a book entitled No Easy Day, which is due to be released on September 4th. Frankly, I have zero interest in how Mr. Good-Riddance Usama Bin Laden was killed and when I listen or watch American media (be it right or left), I do so mostly for entertainment and nothing more. Media icons, be they “conservative” or “liberal” are more interested in discussing hot topics that raise ratings rather than in doing what is right, a mantle each side is eager to claim. To me, Usama Bin Laden is a scuba diving skeleton shrouded with a white sheet. All the jubilation I watched when he was killed was more about the greed of American politicians than it was relief about justice being served.

Of far more importance is one of Usama bin Laden’s agents – Huma Abedin’s ex-boss, Abdullah Omar Naseef. Why should we be more interested in Usama’s death than in bringing to justice one of al-Qaeda’s financiers who is still roaming free? I was more concerned about Naseef’s agent (Huma Abedin). After all, she has been working for Hillary Clinton at the State Department and has access to our nation’s top secrets.

Catching this terror financier who is still roaming free in the streets of Mecca does not feed the media’s herd mentality of talking about the same things others in the media are talking about. A supposed downside is the condemnation of RINO Republicans who would rather see this issue swept under the prayer rug while bowing towards Mecca. Conservative media seems to care little about the justice that still has not been served and more about the justice that has already been.

It’s difficult to determine Mr. Matt Bissonnette’s motives but his actions were ill-advised. What Fox News did in advertising his name actually serves al-Qaeda’s interests by endangering Bissonnette and other fellow SEALs. I have had a “Bissonnette” opportunity in the past and turned it down. Secrets are just that – secrets. These days, the leaks are everywhere and they must stop.

Janet Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, Mohamed Elibiary, Huma Abedin and so many others should be held accountable and vetted. They scoff at the notion of real justice being done. Muslim-net, as I just discovered in Arabic, wants Bissonnette dead. The translated quote is:

“We ask Allah to liquidate him sooner rather then later.”

What has Bissonnette accomplished for his financial reward? He now has to watch his back until the day he dies. He is wanted now and his name is advertised throughout the Arabic media as the killer of Usama Bin Laden. Don’t get me wrong, Bissonnette risked his own life to participate in the killing of Usama but what’s the point of risking his life and the lives of his brothers now by releasing state secrets? It’s not just Bissonnette who has a lot to gain; publicists, publishers and media producers do too.

Those who eagerly watch and read are feeding this culture and the media is responsible for putting it on America’s plate. Too many Americans have neither the discipline nor the discretion to avoid gobbling it up.

Shame on Fox News and anyone who released Bissonnette’s name; shame on anyone who threatens the living to speak of the dead, regardless if what they reveal embarrasses President Obama. I want Obama out of office too, but there is a better way to fight.

Both the United States and Saudi Arabia wanted Usama dead. Saudi Arabia wanted him dead because he was a threat to the fat Saudi king and the wealthy princes. The U.S. wanting him dead was more about a political victory than it was justice for the 9/11 families. While Usama is dead, many financiers of al-Qaeda are still roaming free and never named in the 9/11 Commission Report. I know many will scoff at my statements here but if America wanted justice, Abdullah Omar Naseef would be targeted for it and Huma Abedin would not be working at the State Department; Michelle Bachmann would be thanked for requesting a probe to be done; 100% of Congress would support a probe being done into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration instead of only 1%; their would be no Ramadan Iftar dinner at the White House which included Muslims who cheered American suffering; and Obama would refrain from bowing to a Saudi king. Instead, he would make Saudi Arabia bow to the families of 3000 Americans instead of to the Black Stone in Mecca. Period.

Huma Abedin – Hillary’s closest advisor – and her family were commissioned by Saudi Arabia to run the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a Saudi foreign policy program that is geared toward destroying the United States. We have spent countless hours providing Arabic sources that make an ironclad case, that the United States was considered an enemy of Saudi Arabia. Its agents fill the system and its support for our destruction is part of their agenda.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has, to a substantial degree, affected Fox News and the outfoxed Fox never discusses in its publications anything that embarrasses the Saudi government. Go ahead, you can use the Fox News search engine and check for yourselves.

The bottom line is this, America: your enemy knows what it’s doing; will you ever know what you are doing? Usama is dead but many of his financial enablers are still alive, roaming the streets of Mecca. War on Terror … conservative media … my foot.

The so-called conservative media has either been neutered by outside forces or has decided to neuter itself.


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