Democrats = Communists?

Keith Davies

It appears that the Democrats are just one step away from an admission that they are a full-fledged communist party. The Democrat party removed from the convention platform the mention of God (it is rumored that Allah will replace God at the next Democrat convention’s party platform) and it also removed the policy statement that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel which also happens to be God’s capitol too. When government replaces God we have tyranny. The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany both denied the existence of God and they are no more but not until millions perished under the yoke of their oppression.

It is now the official policy of the “Democrat” party that they fully endorse tyranny.

I hope Jewish Democrats – at least the ones who still believe in God – understand the implications of such a political move. The removal of Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, from the party platform is an even bigger disaster for Israel; the stalwart that is a united front of support for Israel by both Democrats and Republicans is vital to deterring Iran and other countries in the Middle East that wish to isolate and destroy her.

Jewish voters (especially in New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida) need to consider carefully the implications of Obama’s policies. This administration’s track record of empowering the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, across North Africa, and the rest of the Middle East should prove Obama’s endorsement of tyranny and the dire threat to Israel with war being much more likely as the President strengthens the grip of tyranny across the Middle East.

To further make the case to Jewish voters… Not only is Obama denying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel but he also called for the removal of the language that called on the international community to isolate Hamas. This means that Obama, if reelected, will recognize Hamas as a legitimate negotiating “peace partner” so he can complete his goal of forming the Caliphate for his Muslim brethren; the fruits of his policies seem to be coming together nicely. Remember, Obama consults regularly on the phone with prime minister Erdogan of Turkey. It is quite apparent that the policies of Turkey are now the policies of the United States when it comes to the Middle East. The United States has, in reality, withdrawn its influence in the Middle East and has essentially left it to the fundamentalist Muslim country of Turkey. Turkey is more dangerous than Iran as it knows how to play politics in order to achieve its goals while Iran prefers sabre-rattling which only further isolates them. Turkey has the same goal as Iran, i.e. power in the Middle East along with the complete destruction of Israel. U.S. foreign policy with Obama as its leader – along with the shady influences within our own government of the Muslim Brotherhood and the far left anti Israel socialists – provide challenges for moderate Democrat voters who value freedom over blind loyalty to the party line.


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