Egypt’s BEARD DAY: Friday Demonstrations In Support of Bearded Officers

Walid Shoebat

You read that right. According to Arabic sources, the demonstrations sparked by The Egyptian Salafists planed for Friday 14th, 2012 seem to have transferred away from being about the film that insulted Prophet Muhammad and toward enforcing the rights of police officers and military to grow beards.


Egyptian Salafists, of the party that sparked the riots all over the Middle East…

…declares its participation today in a demonstration to be launched from Omar Mosque to Tahrir Square after Friday prayers in solidarity with bearded police officers. The Salafist front emphasized the following, that the Beard is a right guaranteed by Sharia.

It’s Beard Day and most of Egyptian media announced the demonstration.

This is not to say that there will be no violent riots against the U.S. during these demonstrations. That’s an inherent part of the deal.

So why is “Beard Day” combined with the Muhammad Film day?

The answer is simple: The Egyptian government is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists can easily twist the arm of that government – now that it’s Islamist – to change its laws to make them more Sharia compliant. Section 2 of the Egyptian Constitution is Sharia already and all that needs to be done is to enforce it. It starts by legalizing beards for military and police and ends while enforcing Hudud; Islamic punishment laws; crucifixions, amputations and killings.

This brings us to another point: Why would there be a “beard day” when it’s supposed to be “Muhammad film day”?

Answer: it’s not about a film. It’s about enforcing Sharia as the Salafists promised, both “locally and globally”.


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