Video Shows Eltayeb Mustafa’s Support For Embassy Riot

By Theodore Shoebat

A video released this week shows Sudanese rioters in a rage against the Western embassies which they attacked.

The first man that appears expresses his contempt for any security for the American embassy in Sudan:

The security is suppose to be protecting the people, not the American embassy, because the people are declaring that our religion is Islam.

The second man that appears is Eltayeb Mustafa, a thug heavily involved in the North Sudanese government of Omar al-Bashir, the president of the Jihadist country. Mustafa himself declared his support for the riot:

Despite that the people were confronted with tear gas, they remained steadfast. They expressed themselves against the movie that insulted the prophet Muhammad.

The video further shows Eltayeb Mustafa’s involvement, which has already been proven in an earlier article I have posted, which also reveals North Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir’s involvement in the attacks on the embassies.


Notice whats going on in this video at 0:26; the rioters are breaking open the walls to enter the embassy, and the security guards are doing nothing to stop them. Where’s the tear gas?

If anybody thinks that the North Sudanese security guards actually cared about the Western embassies, ask yourself: do you think that U.S. Marines, or any European military unit, would have even allowed this:

Theodore Shoebat is the author of For God or For Tyranny