Mohamed ElBaradei’s Party Demands Sharia In Egypt

By Theodore Shoebat

Mohamed ElBaradei has been seen as the face of the Egyptian revolution, and also as a major moderate voice. He is even a Nobel Peace Prize winner. During the revolution he had given us words which could only appease modern ears, such as this:

The priority for me is to — is to shift Egypt into a democracy, is to catch up with the 21st century, to get Egypt to be a modern and moderate society and respecting human rights, respecting the basic freedoms of the people.

But such statements are only used to tickle Western ears. ElBaradei’s group, the Dostur Party, had shown its colors today. Dr Mohamed Yousry Salameh, the Executive Member of the party said that the Dostur Party needs to call on Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood to begin an implementation of Sharia in Egypt.

On his Facebook he says:

So who is now stopping us from enforcing Sharia, including all its edicts as you all want? Answer: its the president, and his party [the Muslim Brotherhood]. It is he, after all who is in power… so what do they have to stop this [Sharia]? Answer: nothing. …They are some who say that the society is not ready for this [Sharia], but this is a statement if I said it, or so and so said it, they will peel his skin alive, while if others [the Muslim Brotherhood] say it is alright.

He is clearly implying that everybody in Egypt wants Sharia, and there is nothing in the country stopping it from being passed, except for the president and his party.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny


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