Explosive Report Update…

Ok, ok, ok….

We apologize and take full responsibility for not coughing up the goods yet. The report is actually done but there have been some interested – and well known sites – who have taken notice.

Somewhat begrudgingly – mostly because of what we’ve been promising to our readers – we have decided to honor the requests of one of those sites, to hold off a bit longer.

We don’t expect the report to be published any later than Monday morning (possibly before) but the way things have gone to this point, we’re getting gun shy about making any commitment at all.

The bad news is that the report is being delayed again.

The good news?

Well, the last time we notified you of a delay, we received a complaint about using the Guns-n-Roses song ‘Patience’. That complaint contained links to two other songs that picked up on the same theme.

Again, we ask for patience while promising you won’t be disappointed.

Seabird sings about Patience…

So does Take That…


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