Walid Shoebat: An Unsung David

In the new book, Unsung Davids: Ten Men who Battled Goliath without Glory, Ben Barrack identifies ten men who fought the good fight without regard for the odds or the consequences. The book focuses on the fights of ten different men.

One of those men is Walid Shoebat.

If you’ve found yourself wondering about the validity of the smears and attacks on Shoebat by members of the mainstream media, this book puts all those questions to rest. Barrack has presented never-before-seen evidence and witness accounts that demonstrate Shoebat’s story is spot-on accurate. He presents proof that attempts made by Shoebat’s accusers don’t just ring hollow; they carry the unmitigated stench of libel and slander.

After reading Barrack’s book, you will understand why those accusers would hang their heads in shame if they had consciences.

Barrack’s account of Shoebat’s story leaves no doubt as to the former PLO member’s loyalty.

Learn how Shoebat exposed the Ground Zero mosque imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf and Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. You will also read excerpts from Shoebat’s speeches and interviews that have never been published before.

Shoebat was born of a Muslim father and a Christian mother. This was a conscious decision by his father, to use a Christian woman to further Islam’s ends. The thinking was that by preventing Walid’s mother from having Christian children while forcing to her to have Muslim children, two birds could be killed with one stone.

Walid didn’t just blow a hole in that strategy. He was the bird who caught that stone, made two stones from it, and threw them back into the face of those who sought to control him.

You also won’t want to miss excerpts of interviews Shoebat gave that left his opponents defenseless in the face of truth.

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