Investigating the Assassination of Ambassador Stevens

Walid Shoebat

Anyone who surfed the internet when the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi was attacked can figure out that photos with guys carrying AK-47’s standing in front of the embassy meant that terrorists were carrying out a terrorist attack and were not participating in a demonstration over a film.

Despite this, Joe Biden – in his debate with Paul Ryan – blamed the intelligence community when the Internet was at his fingertips.

A Libyan whistleblower who wrote to World Net Daily stated:

“The point everyone misses is that Ghadafi was not a radical Islamist, he kept Al Qaeda out of Libya. If it had not been for NATO, Obama and Clinton, Al Qaeda would not be in Libya and Chris Stevens would still be alive.”

That whistleblower is right.

Libya was Obama’s war and Biden abdicated responsibility on a national stage.

We could not ignore this whistleblower because he provided a detailed 270-page, official top-secret document he’d obtained after Qaddafi was ousted. That document was referred to me for analysis. Of particular interest was a dangerous and corrupt individual named Mohammad Abdullah Aqil. Aqil, the whistleblower alleges, was an Al-Qaeda funder who is associated with Abdul Hakem Belhaj and that Belhaj worked closely with Al-Qaeda, to an extent that includes other details which we are not at liberty to disclose. The 270-page document on Libya turned out to be a wealth of valid information relative to the web of corruption that has spanned across several countries, from Libya to Dubai and Jordan.

Indeed, Belhaj’s history goes way back. He had arrived in Afghanistan in 1988 and fought in the Soviet-Afghan war. In 1992, after the Mujahideen took Kabul, he traveled across the Middle East and Eastern Europe, before returning to Libya in 1992 where he formed the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which failed to overthrow Colonel Qaddafi.

After Obama’s support for the Libyan revolution, Belhaj became the leader of the Misrata revolutionaries who sought to capture the capital Tripoli, which they ultimately did before ousting Gaddafi.

I began my research, using Arabic sources and sure enough, much of the data has merit. Al-Masry al-Yawm reported on March 3rd, 2011 in its 2638 edition, that when the Central Intelligence building was destroyed in Tripoli, top-secret documents were scattered everywhere, which explains how a whistleblower / informant would have been able to secure a copy of the document in question.

I came across another disgruntled Libyan during my research, who reports that other files regarding the wealthy corrupt businessman Muhammad Aqil show that he worked with Abdullah Sanusi, Gaddafi’s secret service. According to that report, Aqil was the financial apparatus that provided logistics aimed at carrying out assassinations in France, Lebanon, Egypt and mostly in Greece.

Aqil had a falling out with the Qaddafi regime and was sent to prison for six months; the corruption scandal matched the report provided by the whistleblower.

Aqil adapted in the post-Qaddafi Libya. After having worked with the previous regime, he worked with Belhaj, supplying vehicles for revolutionaries and fighters paid for by Aquil’s wealth. It is also common knowledge that the death of Stevens was a plot by Al-Qaeda, which vowed to avenge the death of its number two, Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a drone attack by the U.S.

Al-Qaeda got its revenge. The Obama administration failed miserably to protect Stevens and three other Americans – Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Other Arabic sources confirm Belhaj’s connections to Al-Qaeda. Here is a partial translation:

“We are certain that both Abdul Hakim Belhaj (real name Abdul Wahab Ghaid) was with the brother of Abu Yahya al-Libi, the second man in Al-Qaeda, who was killed in Pakistan in the bombing of U.S. drone aircraft were in Afghanistan and obtained training in the rules of bin Laden.”

Belhaj has a history of being well-connected to Al-Qaeda, closely worked with Abu Yahya al-Libi’s brother, even training with him. It would seem that Belhaj has a motive to see Stevens dead, not just because Belhaj was closely connected to al-Libi’s deceased brother. Belhaj could have a personal motive as well. In an interview last year, he told the Guardian how he was allegedly tortured in Bangkok by two CIA agents before being returned to Libya, where he was tortured again.

If Belhaj was involved it does not bode well for the Obama administration. After Obama had his way in Libya, Al-Qaeda operatives were legitimized when Belhaj became a main lead in carrying out Obama’s plan; he played a significant role in the anti-government rebellion that ousted Qaddafi. He now has a clean slate and is no longer an Al-Qaeda member and is even suing the UK commission in charge of Diego Garcia, over his 2004 extradition to Qaddafi’s Libya.

Even in the media, the rehabilitated Belhaj is a Libyan politician and military leader, a “leader of the conservative Islamist Al-Watan Party” and “former head of Tripoli Military Council.” Rod Nordland at the New York Times reported that Belhaj was the prince of an Al-Qaeda affiliated group:

…while Mr. Belhaj concedes that he was the emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was deemed by the United States to be a terrorist group allied with Al Qaeda, he says he has no Islamic agenda. He says he will disband the fighters under his command, merging them into the formal military or police, once the Libyan revolution is over.

Yet, Obama claims he destroyed Al-Qaeda!

Confusion has even run amok among politically correct experts. Aaron Zelin of the Washington Institute, wrote the following about the murder of Stevens:

“Prior to the 2011 uprising, the country’s main organized jihadist movement, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, had already deradicalized and retired.

As for his evidence of such a claim, Zelin states:

“Indeed, Following Qadhafi’s fall, the LIFG split into two political factions that contested the July 2012 legislative elections: the broad-based moderate party Hizb al-Watan (HW).”

Zelin misses that motive and not deradicalization is the factor at play. When Muslim terrorist entities gain political power, they simply switch gears, play politics and wait to gain more, which is ultimately followed by even greater violence. In the meantime, Americans, like Israelis, remain free game.

These ‘experts’ never read the volumes of material from the Arabic on issues of Islamic flexibility (Muruna), which was revived two decades ago. I was the first to translate some of it.

The mad intellects argue that if we allow democracy and equality, even if extremists win the elections, freedom will ultimately reign as a result of a reality that includes the need to survive.

Conservative English philosopher, Roger Scruton correctly argues that the only equality he believes in is “equality of opportunity” and “equality before the law”. A logical extension of that conclusion is that terrorists are not equal to law-abiding citizens.

Even many ‘conservative experts’ still get it wrong. In an interview in 2011, Victor Davis Hanson and Peter Berkowitz, professors at the Hoover Institution, made bold, yet false prophecies. Hanson stated before the outcome of the Arab Spring that:

“I’m a little bit more confident about Tunisia because it has elements of a secular society, it’s got a good tourist industry, it’s got closer ties with Europe, there’s an aspiring upper-middle class there, and it doesn’t have a history of violence as does places like Libya and Algeria.”

Hanson was wrong about both Libya and Tunisia. Libya’s current government is temporarily secular and Tunisia’s is not.

Finding the culprits who killed Stevens will not be easy and skeptics will rightfully question whether justice will be served, regardless how many times politicians bark. The 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers and the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 are two cases-in-point. It was months before the United States was even reasonably sure that al-Qaeda was to blame.

Yet, violence still floods Libya even more now than during the time of Qaddafi. Libya is on its way to explode.

It is important to note that we are not claiming that Aqil or Belhaj are directly responsible for the assassination of Stevens. However, we believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant further investigation into their involvement.

Stay tuned…


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