Obama’s Grandma: ‘disobedient wives should be beaten’

You read that headline correctly. In an article by Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator, where he cited our work on Barack Obama’s familial connections to wahhabist fundraising, another significant discovery was unearthed.

In particular, Lord points to an article that appeared at the left-leaning Guardian, written by Martin Robbins. In it, Robbins relays an exchange between Obama’s step-grandmother (Mama Sarah) and a Daily Mail reporter named Julia Manning, in which Sarah asserted that wives who don’t obey their husbands should be beaten:

“The disobedient wives should be beaten.”

“Sorry?” replied Manning, as I fished in my camera bag for some imaginary popcorn.

“The wives that are disobedient, they should be beaten.”

“They should be beaten?”

“Yeah, they should be beaten.”

“Can you ask her,” replied the admirably unruffled blogger, “what about disobedient husbands?”

Of course, Sharia law condones men beating their wives. This admission from Mama Sarah speaks to the accuracy of Musa Obama’s claims on Al-Jazeera, that Mama Sarah’s foundation is about fundraising for the wahhabist education of Kenyan students who are sent to Saudi Arabia for that education.

As for Manning’s question about who beats disobedient husbands?

Well, they beat themselves:


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