Edward Klein: Hillary can sink Obama and Bill wants her to

In an interview with Andrew Wilkow of TheBlaze TV, Ed Klein revealed that a Clinton legal team has informed him that Hillary Clinton has documents that exonerate her and implicate Barack Obama over both the lack of security in Benghazi as well as the decision to stand down during the attack. Klein went on to say that Bill Clinton wants Hillary to release those documents but that the reason she won’t do it is because she doesn’t want to be the one responsible for taking down the Obama administration.

Klein then explained why Hillary won’t resign in protest of Obama. Although it would send a signal that she refuses to serve with a culpable president, it would also cost Obama the election and she doesn’t want to catch the ensuing wrath of the left-wing base. Releasing the documents that exonerate her would have the same effect.

If this account is true, perhaps media pressure on Hillary should be turned up.

The relevant portion of the interview with Klein begins at the 4:00 mark via The Blaze:


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