Photo: Pelosi caught at Fundraiser with CAIR Founder Nihad Awad

Steve Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has published a photo of Democratic House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi at a fundraiser with none other than Nihad Awad, the founder and Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) this past May. The purpose of the fundraiser was apparently to raise money for Democratic candidates in congressional races that are doing battle with Republicans who, some cases, are thorns in the side of groups like CAIR (Allen West in Florida and Pete Hoekstra in Michigan).

According to IPT, Pelosi shared a table with Awad as well:

Some might remember that back in August of 2009, Pelosi was asked to react to the town hall events at which Tea Party conservatives were voicing their displeasure with the prospect of Obamacare. Her response? Well, she compared them to Nazis:

Are we to believe that Pelosi doesn’t know about the background of Awad or the group he founded, CAIR? Sorry, she knows exactly what she’s doing and who she’s sleeping with (in a political sense). Awad has expressed support for Hamas, a virulently anti-Semitic group that is under the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella, as is CAIR.

Oh, and the Muslim Brotherhood aligned with Hitler in WWII.

It’s safe to say that Pelosi was engaged in projection in 2009 and is engaged in hypocrisy now.


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