Archive | November 26, 2012

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein: Susan Rice’s talking points on Benghazi were ‘accurate’

With the onset of YouTube, we’ve become somewhat desensitized to what used to be considered incredible videos. The bar is raised on a near daily basis now. However, the level of absurdity displayed by Time Magazine’s Joe Klein in the clip below from his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe hits the mark. This excerpt from […]

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Israel vs. Hamas on The Glazov Gang

Check out this interview with Jamie Glazov on winning the culture war. On this week’s Glazov Gang, our guests were Bill Whittle, Conservative Commentator, Tommi Trudeau, producer of films and music videos, and Leon Weinstein, author of “Capitalism 101.” The Gang Members discussed Israel vs. Hamas. The discussion focused on the pitfalls of the “ceasefire” […]

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By Michael Carl (WND) Christian human-rights analysts warn the expanded powers seized by Egypt’s president means more anti-Christian persecution to come. In a set of legal maneuvers this week, Muslim Brotherhood-anointed President Mohamed Morsi moved to sidestep the courts and make his office immune to judicial oversight. With no constitution to restrain him, Morsi holds […]

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