Archive | November 16, 2012

Video: CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab says anti-Jihad ads are… Racist

Now that Pamela Geller’s ads have made their way onto buses in Chicago, CAIR-Chicago’s Ahmed Rehab is chiming in that the ads are racist. Two things that Mr. Rehab obviously ignores: 1.) Islam is not a race 2.) The racist history of CAIR’s parental group (Muslim Brotherhood) h/t BNI

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What Kenya Will Become If The Obamas Succeed

As Walid Shoebat has shown, the Obama family in Kenya wants their country to turn Sharia. Well, this video shows what the Muslims in Somalia are doing to people who convert to Christianity, and Kenya will end up with the same violent society if the Obama family should succeed. This is nothing but human sacrifice, […]

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