Associated Press finally takes notice of atrocities committed by Syrian rebels

Regular readers to this site are likely aware that Theodore (Ted) Shoebat has been following the situation in Syria very closely for several months. Ted has long maintained that the rebel forces in Syria are much worse than they have been portrayed and Assad’s forces are not as barbaric as they have been portrayed.

The rebels have been the fortuitous beneficiaries of blatantly biased media coverage throughout the entire ordeal.

In this video, posted by the Associated Press (h/t Breitbart), it’s clear that rebels are more than willing to execute defenseless POW’s. It’s important to note that this video is anecdotal and captures an act of barbarism that is quite common and far more heinous (see links to Ted’s work below). It’s noteworthy here because the AP is finally being forced to take notice (which means it must really be getting bad).

The lesson here is not to believe the propaganda that Assad’s regime is 100% evil and the rebels are 100% innocent. The reality may just be closer to the inverse than many are willing to admit.

To read more from Ted on this subject, click here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

The AP, allegedly the premier wire service in the world, is finally taking notice.


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