Report: Egypt’s Morsi considering alliance with Hezbollah

If this report is accurate, it indeed demonstrates the lengths to which warring Islamic sects will go to align against the West. Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi is allegedly expressing an interest in working with Hezbollah to fight against Israel, if his ambassador to Lebanon is any indication.

Via Times of Israel:

Egypt’s ambassador to Lebanon said his country will pursue a relationship with Hezbollah, a “real political and military force,” The Daily Star reported Saturday. If implemented, the decision would constitute a dramatic policy shift from that of the former Hosni Mubarak administration.

Egypt’s relations with Hezbollah, a Shi’ite Islamic group that is considered a terror organization by the United States, have been strained, in large part, by Cairo’s 1979 peace accord with Israel. The ambassador’s comments on a possible Hezbollah-Egyptian rapprochement came on the heels of the passage of the controversial Muslim Brotherhood-backed constitution by President Mohammed Morsi last week.

Speaking from his office in Beirut, Ashraf Hamdy told the Lebanese news source that Egypt’s new foreign policy objectives include the need to explore fresh modes of communications, which means keeping regional contacts “tight,” even with its enemies.

“You cannot discuss politics in Lebanon without having a relationship with Hezbollah. It is a real force on the ground. It has a big political and military influence in Lebanon,” the ambassador said.

Consider the two sides that have been engaged in brutally savage fighting in Syria. On one side is Bashar al-Assad and… Hezbollah. On the other is Muslim Brotherhood rebels. The Egyptian regime under Morsi is actually mulling an alliance with a group it is currently fighting against in Syria.

An additional element to this is another black eye to U.S. foreign policy. When it comes to the biggest threat to western civilization, a consistent meme of the Obama administration has been to apply that label to Iran, while also assisting the rise of the Brotherhood all across the Middle East.

We’re now looking at an Egyptian foreign policy that involves siding with an entity that is nothing short of an arm of the Iranian mullahs.

GMBDR indicates that such an alliance between Egypt and Hezbollah could have the effect of driving a wedge between Egypt’s president Morsi and the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi.


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