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Muslim who Joined ISIS Admits To Hating Woman Who Gave Birth to Him

He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; Daniel 11:37-38 A convert to Islam tied to notorious British Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary has joined ISIS and […]

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Muslims Patrolling London Streets To ENFORCE Sharia as British Government Considers Ban on CRITICISM of Sharia

As the British government seriously considers policies that could lead to the banning of criticism of Sharia, proponents of Sharia are patrolling London streets to enforce Sharia. Clarissa Ward, a reporter for liberal CBS News interviewed British Islamist Anjem Choudary and a figure from his inner circle. The two men make no bones about demanding […]

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Homosexual Journalist who Helped Snowden Leak NSA Documents Again Shows Support for Muslim Brotherhood

The recent comments by homosexual journalist Glenn Greenwald, who became infamous when he published Edward Snowden’s NSA files, provide another in a long line of examples which show that his sympathies lie with the Muslim Brotherhood. During a television interview, Greenwald was in ‘blame America first’ mode and whipped out the tired argument that the […]

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British Muslim says ISIS has Shown ‘Leniency’ by Giving Victims a Choice

Former British Boxer Anthony Small (aka Abdul Haqq) has made a seven minute video in which he justifies ISIS going after non-Muslims by saying all the victims had to do was accept Islam. He also repeatedly says he doesn’t “condone or condemn terrorism”. You see, in Mr. Small’s mind, not accepting Islam is apparently itself […]

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Liberal CNN Host Baffled by British Muslim’s Views

On the heels of an interview between Sean Hannity and British Muslim Anjem Choudary, CNN’s liberal host of Reliable Sources Brian Stelter interviewed Choudary and ended up completely shocked by what he was hearing. Choudary is of the Salafi brand of Islam that doesn’t rely on the very effective stealth jihadist tactics to push its […]

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British Muslim Defends ISIS on Live TV

Earlier this week it was learned that British Muslim Anjem Choudary’s followers allegedly inspired the ISIS jihadist suspected of beheading James Foley, as Shoebat.com reported. The Muslim who beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby in the streets was also a follower of Choudary. Last night, Choudary appeared on Hannity and as is normally the case, would […]

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British Christians Take on Muslims outside Saudi Arabian Embassy

One of the main reasons Muslims in Great Britain have been so successful at bullying Brits is because the former largely does so without significant opposition. A group known as Britain First may be changing that. In the video below, Britain First confronted Islamists aligned with Anjem Choudary outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in London. […]

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Muslim Accused of Beheading James Foley Applauded by UK’s most Notorious Muslim Scholar

Last year, Great Britain’s most recognizable resident Muslim Anjem Choudary expressed solidarity with Michael Adebolajo, the man who beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby as Shoebat.com reported. It’s now being reported by the Clarion Project that Choudary is likewise expressing support for Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, the man suspected of beheading James Foley: Choudary told the Clarion […]

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Terrorist-Supporting Muslims Express Support for British Prime Minister’s position on Syria

By Ben Barrack In a hate preaching demonstration outside a London mosque, terrorist-supporting Muslims – led by Anjem Choudary – demanded the release of terrorists like the “Blind Sheikh”, who was convicted for his role in the first World Trade Center attack. At one point, one of the protesters angrily denounced the Shias for supporting […]

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Mentor of Muslim who Beheaded British Soldier admits to sending Jihadists to Syria

Anjem Choudary, the deputy of Omar Bakri, is a Muslim preacher in the U.K. who was also a mentor to Michael Adebolajo, the man who beheaded British soldier – Lee Rigby – on a British street in broad daylight. Choudary later praised Adebolajo publicly. In the video below, while talking to Bakri – who sits […]

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Pro-Iran Jeremiah Wright supporter vs. Anjem Choudary

Dr. Randy Short supports Iran and has defended Rev. Jeremiah Wright, referring to him as a ‘man of God’. As such, he supports Bashar al-Assad in the latter’s war against the Islamic Front. Salafist and prominent U.K. Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary is a Sunni who supports the rebels. If you enjoyed Alien vs. Predator, you […]

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British Muslim Leader Runs from Jihad Opportunity

Anjem Choudary is the most prominent Muslim face in Great Britain. He has a history of exhorting his followers to engage in Jihad and insists that one day western civilization will fall to Islam. When British soldier Lee Rigby was beheaded in the streets last year, it was learned that his assailant was a Choudary […]

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Anjem Choudary makes the case FOR Islamophobia; sets up IED hotline

When Michael Adebolajo beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight, it was soon learned that Adebolajo was an acolyte of Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, who then doubled down and wished Rigby to the ‘hellfire’. That the U.K. continues to put up with Choudary says more about the cowardice of its leaders than it does […]

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The Black Flag of Islam already Flies on top of the White House

By Keith Davies The high-information voters know that the objective of Islamic fundamentalists is world domination. The prominent Islamic Imam Abu Islam has said as much on Egyptian television. There are several examples of UK Islamic supremacist Anjem Choudary of Great Britain saying at both his rallies and in mainstream media interviews on USA and […]

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Video: Anjem Choudary lauds Lee Rigby’s Beheader, wants Rigby to ‘go to the hellfire’

The macabre image of Michael Adebolajo standing in the street with bloody hands and a meat cleaver is indeed horrifying. Anjem Choudary, the outspoken Salafist who is perhaps the most well known Muslim in the U.K. came to the defense of Adebolajo – and Choudary isn’t even his attorney – while charging that Adebolajo’s headless […]

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Pack of Lone Wolves arrested for Beheading of British Soldier now at Ten

Lone Wolf = a person who prefers to live, act, or work alone or independent of others. In a sane world, the arrest of ten Muslims for the beheading of a British soldier named Lee Rigby would constitute something other than a murder at the hands of a ‘lone wolf’. Then again, who said we’re […]

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