Hillary’s interview with Greta Van Susteren: so much hypocrisy, it wouldn’t even fit inside a pants suit

Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren sat down with outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss – among other things – Egypt and Benghazi. Those expecting Greta to be a bit tougher on Clinton than was the stable of gelded Republican Senators and Congressmen last week were disappointed but there were some revealing moments.

Commentary after the video:

After exchanging niceties, Clinton refers to the post-Arab Spring in general – Egypt in particular – as a “period of adjustment” and that it’s important “not to see these revolutions hijacked by extremists”. What she didn’t say was that countries like Egypt are adjusting to Sharia law and that the hijacking of those revolutions is a foregone conclusion, predictable to so many with much less information than Clinton had at her disposal during the early stages of the Arab Spring.

Shortly thereafter, Greta brings up Morsi’s 2010 comments, which included him saying the Jews were descendants of “apes and pigs”, and that Egypt must “nurse its children on hatred of the Jews”. A few hours before Greta’s interview, reports came out that a close Morsi aid said the Holocaust never happened and that the Jews secretly moved to the U.S.

Hillary’s response?

At the 1:58 mark, she says “We were quite concerned about those statements” and that “the Egyptian presidency has repudiated” the comments.

What more proof does one need that the Democratic Party has more contempt for Christians and conservatives than for the Muslim Brotherhood? Virtually the entire Barack Obama administration, for more than four years, has been engaged in class warfare that involves much more critical and relentless criticism of conservatives who haven’t even come close to talking like Morsi.

At the 3:30 mark, when asked about Morsi personally, Hillary said:

“I think he has a lot of the right intentions”.

Wait a minute. A leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who also happens to be the President of Egypt has pure intentions?! The intentions of the Brotherhood include the annihilation of Israel and establishing a global caliphate.

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Shortly after the 4:00 mark, while mildly defending Morsi, Clinton said:

“It’s not what somebody says. It’s what they do.”

You mean like saying Al-Qaeda has been decimated while actually fueling the group’s resurgence by siding with the Muslim Brotherhood all over the Middle East?

At the 4:40 mark, the conversation shift’s to Morsi’s welcoming of Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir, who is responsible for mass genocide in his country. Clinton doesn’t just excuse Morsi for doing so by saying such meetings take place all over the Middle East but check out this quote, delivered by her at about the 5:20 mark:

“He (Bashir) does need to be held accountable for what happened on his watch as President.”

Interesting to hear such language coming from Clinton, which makes a nice segue to the question about Benghazi, asked shortly after the 12:00 mark. It was a two-part question and just as open-ended as many of the questions asked by Republican Senators and Congressmen at last week’s hearings.

1.) Can Americans feel confident that security at embassies and consulates will be sufficient, moving forward?

2.) Should we go back to Benghazi?

Clinton’s answer ultimately led to a sales pitch for more money to help keep these installations more secure. Again, like what happened at the Senate and House Committee hearings, that pitch went unanswered by Greta, despite earlier testimony from Charlene Lamb, a State Department bureaucrat, who testified that a lack of funds was not the reason for a lack of security in Benghazi.

In that hearing, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) asked Lamb if lack of security due to budget concerns. Her answer (at about the 1:45 mark) was “no sir”:

Breitbart was not too happy with Van Susteren’s failure to ask any follow-up questions of Hillary about Benghazi.


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