White House map of Israel leaves out Jerusalem, Golan Heights

In a White House video intended to preview Barack Obama’s trip to Israel and Jordan, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes appears as maps of the region are shown to viewers. Conspicuously absent in the map of Israel is significant portions of… Israel.

Here is a screenshot of the map that was shown as Rhodes made reference to Obama’s visit to Israel:


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Not only does that map not include land re-acquired by Israel in the six-day war of 1967 but it omits portions of the country that were actually inside Israeli’s newly formed 1948 borders!

Does this mean Obama lied in 2011, when he called for a return to the 1967 borders?

Once again, political correctness benefits the Arabs at the expense of the Israelis (assuming this was an act of political correctness).

h/t Free Beacon


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