Disturbing recent history of Obama Labor Secretary nominee

In 2010, Attorney J. Christian Adams resigned from his position as a voting rights attorney for the Department of Justice. The final straw was the sworn testimony of Thomas Perez over the dismissal of the case against the Muslim group, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), which Adams insisted was a “slam dunk” case. Perez also happens to be Barack Obama’s new Labor Secretary nominee.

In this interview, pay attention at the 1:30 mark. It’s at this point that the subject of Tom Perez came up. Watch as Adams explains that Perez testified under oath after Adams warned him not to do so. Adams then relayed that when Perez testified anyway, Adams resigned.

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Here is Perez in front of Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) last summer. During this exchange, Perez would not commit that the Justice Department would never criminalize speech critical of any religion. When this testimony is coupled with the willingness of the Obama administration to push the narrative that a video was to blame for the Benghazi attacks, it is certainly cause for concern.

One is left to conclude that Perez’s reticence had to do with his defense of Islam in particular. After all, criticizing Christianity has become a past time of the left.


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