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Volunteers need to help Save Lives

Rescue Christians needs to expand its operations in other countries, which will require much more resources. Last year, on a budget of under $100,000, we saved 500 people from persecution, death and hunger. The problem is immense with hundreds of thousands needing help and probably millions in the not too distant future. One of the […]

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Muslims complain about Disabled Iraq War Vet’s ‘Infidel’ tattoo; War Vet removed from premises… in Florida!

Eddie Bryant is a disabled Iraq war veteran who has the word ‘Infidel’ tattooed on his leg. You would think Muslims would appreciate his being so open. When it came to Bryant, they didn’t have to guess. The least they could do would be to tell him thank you. Is it a good thing to […]

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The Case For Saudi-phobia?

Ben Barrack For nearly two days after the murder of Tom Clements – the Executive Director of the Colorado State Department of Corrections – significant attention was paid to the case of a Saudi prisoner named Homaidan Al-Turki. Then, after the death of Evan Ebel in Decatur, TX on March 21st, interest in Al-Turki evaporated […]

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Benjamin Netanyahu and the Epitome of Political Insanity

Steven Simpson In what can only be described as the height of political psychopathology, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently called his Turkish “counterpart,” Recep Tayipp Erdogan to apologize for the infamous Turkish flotilla incident that occurred back in May 2010. Israel’s crime? Her naval commandos, after repeated physical assaults, decided to defend themselves. What […]

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So The ‘Gate of Hell’ was found but the Question is: Who Goes in it?

By Walid Shoebat A “gate to hell” has emerged from ruins in southwestern Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced, but the question is who goes in it? No one really knows if this indeed is the gate to hell. However, as far as who goes into hell when Jesus comes to judge is pretty clear in […]

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