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Video: Janet Napolitano says Alharbi (Saudi National) was ‘put on a watchlist’

This is really quite an admission. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, while testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today, actually conceded that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national who moved from ‘suspect’ to ‘person of interest’ to ‘witness’ to ‘victim’ all in less than 24 hours after the Boston bombings, was indeed placed […]

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Geraldo Rivera once again outs himself as Islam-apologist

Last month, Geraldo Rivera defended Yasser Arafat. Now, he’s apologizing to Muslims because their lives are going to be more stressful as a result of the Boston marathon bombings. Lost on Geraldo is the added stress of those who have to live without loved ones or victims who have to live without limbs. Despicable. Via […]

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Video: Keith Ellison says Boston bombers ‘probably’ motivated by politics, not Islam

During an appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress attempted to pin the motivations of the Boston marathon bombers on politics, not religion. In so doing, Ellison quite knowingly (because he is a devout Muslim) put forth a faulty premise that Islam is separate from politics. They […]

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‘Devout’ and ‘Committed’ ‘Christian’ Martin Bashir runs interference for Islam in wake of Boston bombings

Aside from CurrentTV Al Jazeera Muslim Brotherhood television, perhaps there is no cable television news network that injects as many lies into its broadcasts as does MSNBC. Perhaps no better example can be found in its handling of the Trayvon Martin case. One of the hosts on this network – Martin Bashir – is a […]

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U.S. Army removing Bible verses from Soldiers’ Scopes

The leadership of the U.S. Army – an Army which has tirelessly fought for the freedom guaranteed us by ‘Our Creator’; an Army that has always fought for God and Country; an Army that is a ‘force for good’ and ensures that we live in ‘one nation, under God’ – has made a cowardly and […]

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1971: John Kerry sells out fellow Soldiers / 2013: John Kerry sells out bombing victims in his state

In 1971, John Kerry sold out his fellow soldiers; in 2013, he sold out the victims of bombings that took place in the largest city belonging to the state of Massachusetts, the citizens of which repeatedly sent him back to the U.S. Senate. Those injured and killed at the Boston marathon bombing were cheering on […]

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The Boston Bombers’ Radicalization (Myth vs. Fact)

By Ex-terrorist and Arab analyst Walid Shoebat I got tired of watching the ‘experts’ and commentators on TV hunt for the ‘radicalization’ of the Tsarnaev brothers. These began to sound more like a chiwawa’s continual bark rather than an honest view of the problem at hand. Americans’ views are being molded to think that the […]

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