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Interesting comment made by Alharbi’s roommate

It’s been widely reported that authorities searched the apartment of a Saudi student, now known to be Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. It’s also been widely reported that authorities hauled out several bags from the apartment. Enter Alharbi’s roommate, Mohammud Hassan Bada (Mohammed Badawood depending on what reports you read), who is also Saudi. Via Elizabeth […]

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2012: Al-Qaeda called for bombing Sporting Events

The left would have you overlook things like this in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings. Via CNS News: Although no group has claimed responsibility for Monday’s deadly bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon, a leading al-Qaeda ideologue last year recommended that jihadists in America include sporting events in their list of prospective terror […]

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Closed doors: Meeting between John Kerry and Saudi Foreign Minister suddenly not open to press

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in this meeting. Via POLITICO: A meeting Secretary of State John Kerry was to hold with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal was abruptly closed to press coverage Tuesday morning. The State Department provided no reason for the change, which was announced just 15 minutes before the […]

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Photos of man in Hospital?

My Fox Boston identified the Saudi ‘person of interest’ as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi. Al Arabiya’s Arabic site has posted photos of this individual, one in Saudi garb and the other in Western garb on what resembles a college campus. Note: While this is the individual in the hospital, there is no evidence yet that […]

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Name of ‘Person of Interest’ reported by My Fox Boston

One would think that the name of the alleged Saudi suspect in the Boston marathon bombings would be revealed at the beginning of a news report. In this case, the name of the alleged ‘person of interest’ isn’t revealed until the 7th paragraph but at least it’s revealed. Via My Fox Boston: A source close […]

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Update on Saudi suspect in Boston marathon bombing

We are currently in the process of investigating some things independently with respect to the alleged Saudi suspect in the Boston marathon bombings and will be posting facts as we get them so please keep checking back. We hope to have a name for you soon. As for what is available publicly about the suspect… […]

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Gaubatz: Stop putting the word ‘Radical’ in front of Islam

Conservatives Must Stop Using the Terms ‘Radical Islam and Radical Muslims’ Dave Gaubatz During my counter-terrorism work I have the great opportunity to speak with Americans who understand Islam and are trying to educate others about the dangers Islam and Sharia create for our beautiful country. There are organizations such as ACT For America and […]

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