Archive | April 11, 2013

A story of mass conversion to Christianity in an African city

Fantastic News! The post below comes to us from Wesley Smith, someone we know well and who has invited Walid to speak in the past. Out of concern for the safety of Christians, we have been asked not to reveal the name of the city about which Wesley speaks of below. Three years ago, this […]

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First Muslim elected to U.S. Congress endorses Anthony Weiner for Mayor of New York City

Why would Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), a Muslim congressman from Minnesota, endorse a disgraced former U.S. Congressman (who also happens to be Jewish) for Mayor of New York? Could it have anything to with the familial ties of Weiner’s wife to the Muslim Brotherhood? After all, Ellison has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood front groups […]

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Is John Kerry putting his In-laws’ family in danger by helping Syrian rebels?

There is much at stake for both sides in the war taking place in Syria. For the Turks and the Muslim Brotherhood, taking Syria would be a monumental victory for the neo-Ottomans who seek a return of the caliphate. For Iran, such a scenario would mean a major defeat. For all intents and purposes, Assad’s […]

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