IRS Scandal and… that Viral Kony 2012 Video?

Here is one thing that we know; President Barack Obama and his half-brother Malik Obama are very close, and that according to Malik, the two men remain in ‘regular contact’. In addition to photos of the two together, we have a clear case of preferential treatment for Malik via the IRS’ Lois Lerner.

Here is one thing we’re learning; it’s becoming increasingly clear that the relationship between Malik and Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is quite close as well.

That leads us to the Kony 2012 video that went insanely viral over the course of just a few days in March of last year and currently sits at nearly 97 Million views.

The video, about the butchery of Joseph Kony in northern Uganda / South Sudan, called for the world to help find Kony and bring him to justice via the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. The truth about Kony is quite heinous. His Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) would raid villages, make the children of those villages kill their parents, and then join the LRA as soldiers to replicate the process.

That Kony is a savage barbarian who should be brought to justice is not in dispute; he should be, but so does the guy who funds and supplies weapons to carry out that savagery.

That guy is Omar al-Bashir, who is also wanted by the ICC.

At the time of the Kony 2012 video going viral, the Obama administration was on board with the agenda. About five months earlier, President Obama sent a contingent of troops to the region for the purpose of helping to find Kony. Here is Jay Carney congratulating the makers of the Kony 2012 video just days after it was released in March of 2012:

Attempts were made to create a cult-like following for the capture of Kony as the notion became big business with the sale of Kony 2012 merchandise.

Yet, there was nary a mention of the guy responsible for Kony’s atrocities. That is, unless you count Sam Childers, otherwise known as the ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, whose story was told in another movie, released in 2011, that starred Gerard Butler, the actor who played Leonidas in the movie 300.

Childers left a life of violence and drugs a long time ago and became ‘born again’. While at church, a speaker gave a presentation on what is going on in Sudan. Childers was so moved that he began a ministry that involved saving and protecting orphans in the region where was creating and terrorizing them. Childers has been there for over 15 years and not only knows how evil Kony is; he knows Bashir is much worse.

Here is a video message from Childers shortly after the Kony 2012 video went viral:

Here is a song from the soundtrack of Machine Gun Preacher with shots from the movie:

We encourage you to read the extensive report by Walid. In it Kony is referenced and more information about it can be found in the appendix of the report.

This necessarily means that Malik Obama, who has extensive connections to a genocidal leader who is wanted by the ICC, received extremely favorable treatment by the IRS, in the form of a letter granting tax-exempt status to the Foundation he heads.

The signature on that letter belongs to Lois Lerner.


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