Archive | May 25, 2013

Yawn: Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan visits site of $100 Million Mosque in Maryland

It’s hard to imagine that the Ground Zero mosque generated so much opposition in 2010 while a $100 Million mosque in Washington, D.C. generates little more than a passing glance when Turkey’s leader stops by for a visit. Via IPT: A $100 million mosque under construction outside Washington, D.C. attracted a visit last week from […]

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Essential Audio: Three Minute clip from Walid’s interview with Jeffrey Kuhner

Yesterday, we posted the entire interview between WRKO’s Jeffrey Kuhner and Walid but here is a three minute excerpt that you’ve got to hear. In this clip, Walid answers a question about Barack Obama’s May 23rd speech in which the President said he believes the war on terror is coming to an end. After Walid […]

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