Archive | May 12, 2013

Cannibalistic Ritual Done In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A recent photograph has been released showing a Syrian rebel placing a human head on a barbecue, grilling his head. According to a report, the victim was a Syrian helicopter pilot who was journeying to bring food to army bases and villages around the Marraat Noman city in the Idleb province, until […]

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Video: When asked if Benghazi talking points were ‘scrubbed’, Far left Democrat Dennis Kucinich says, ‘of course’

If you have any doubts that far left-wing Democrat Dennis Kucinich agreeing that the Benghazi talking points were ‘scrubbed’ is a big deal, just watch Chris Wallace’s reaction; his eyes seem to communicate the Fox News anchor didn’t believe what he was hearing. Via GWP:

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What Benghazi Whistle-blower has in common with Station Wagon filled with Nuns

The Democratic defenders of the Obama administration stonewall have been taking political shrapnel all week; it’s even been coming from the liberal media in some cases. The spinning that has been increasingly difficult for the Democrats just got tougher. Gregory Hicks – the Benghazi whistle-blower whom the Democrats have accused of coming forward because he […]

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