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Is it time for David Petraeus to become a Whistleblower?

By Ben Barrack Perhaps it’s time for David Petraeus to become a whistleblower. With each star awarded to a Military General, comes a greater responsibility to put the interest of his country above himself. In theory, the maximum amount of selflessness relative to a general’s deference to country is achieved with the fourth shoulder star, […]

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Andrew McCarthy picks up on New York Times article on Huma Abedin

Andrew McCarthy has an interesting take on the New York Times article that headlines former Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton – Huma Abedin. The Times piece headlines Abedin’s moonlighting as a consultant while still at the State Department. As McCarthy points out, the Times has no interest in Abedin’s work with the IMMA […]

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Michele Bachmann’s concerns about Huma Abedin vindicated by… the New York Times?

It would appear that John McCain, John Boehner, Marco Rubio, Ed Rollins, and a handful of other Republicans owe Rep. Michele Bachmann an apology for defending Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff last year after a letter sent by Bachmann and five other congressmen identified Abedin as having familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why […]

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Chairman of Benghazi’s Accountability Review Board (ARB) being held Accountable with Subpoena by House Oversight Committee

When the Accountability Review Board (ARB), commissioned by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, released its findings without interviewing Clinton or recording any of its interviews, the word ‘accountability’ in the Board’s name is more than just a little oxymoronic. Now, in a letter from House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa to the chairman of […]

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Obama and the Democrats are Coming!

By Keith Davies Two hundred and twenty seven years after the declaration of independence and the famous Paul Revere warning, “The British are coming,” it’s time to let the American people know today that “Obama and the Democrats are coming.” It is ironic that the modern Tea Party movement – named after the Boston patriots […]

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