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CAIR-Friendly U.S. Senator speaks to open Communists then laughs off suggestion he did so

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke at a May Day rally in Chicago on May 1st during which the crowd was full of open Communists. After the speech, he was asked about his decision to do so by a Breitbart reporter. At first, Durbin attempted to mock the idea there were any Communists at the […]

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Pope Francis to canonise Christians Martyred by Ottoman Turks

Concerns about Pope Francis’ stance on Islam were raised in March when he said the Catholic Church needs to “intensify” its dialogue with Islam. Is this an example of what he was talking about? Via Catholic Herald: Pope Francis is preparing to canonise an estimated 800 Italian laymen killed by Ottoman soldiers in the 15th […]

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Audio: Gohmert on Fire, implies Muslim Brotherhood is influencing Obama administration’s response to Boston Bombings

Not sure who was interviewing Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) in this clip, but the congressman from Texas is on fire over the Obama administration’s handling of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s interrogation. In particular, Gohmert is audibly outraged that Tsarnaev was mirandized before critical information could be obtained from him. At one point, Gohmert does seem to imply […]

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How many Saudis have violated or are violating 13th Amendment while on U.S. Soil?

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. – U.S. Constitution, Amendment XIII, Section 1. Slavery in America was abolished in 1865. Yet, to listen to the American left, you’d think […]

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The Boston Bombings: Inside the Shocking Web of Terror Training

By Walid Shoebat As the DHS tells us that Abdulrahman Al-Harbi is innocent, very interesting discoveries await to be revealed. The Saudi national has a current friendship with someone named Ibrahim al-Ghamdi. We researched the name Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi from Arabic sources and found links in which one named Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi posted a terrorist training video. […]

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