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Saudi Compound in Virginia with alleged Domestic Slaves also Housed some Very High-Profile Residents

Walid Shoebat Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers raided the villa at 6024 Orris St, in Mclean, VA Last Tuesday night, which is owned by the Saudi Armed Forces Office and believed to house its defense attaché, removing two workers from the Philippines who are suspected of having been the ‘victims of domestic servitude’ and possible […]

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Powerful Videos: Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and member Jason Chaffetz talk Benghazi hearings

Two clips below. First, Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. There are a few takeaways here. First, Schieffer actually seemed to be processing the severity of the charge, which is increasingly becoming undeniable. A State Department coverup. If you’ve read Stephen Hayes’ […]

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Audio: Ben Barrack show podcast

On today’s show… * Why do conservative politicians partner with registered socialists? * Upcoming Benghazi hearings (Hillary’s spokesman implicated in coverup?) * Why is there not more contrasting of Fast and Furious with Sandy Hook at NRA Convention? * Update on Saudi prisoner in Colorado (renewed interest)?

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Must-See Video: Ex-Communist Mike Vanderboegh talks Fast and Furious, Alex Jones, and Frank Marshall Davis

Mike Vanderboegh founded the Three Percenters Movement, which is based on the reality that only three percent of the early American colonists took to the battlefield and still won. He is also the guy who not only broke the Fast and Furious story in December of 2010 but was instrumental in kicking the ball down […]

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