Sarin Gas is all they’ve Got

By Keith Davies

As the Western media, the propaganda department at the State Department, and the White House all lobby to strike Syria in a “limited” fashion, it is obvious that the administration does not have the proper evidence to prove Assad ordered and carried out a Chemical weapons attack against his people.

John Kerry: Assad used Sarin gas is the only narrative that matters.

John Kerry: Assad used Sarin gas is the only narrative that matters.

Every media report and focus of the administration only states that they have proof Sarin Gas (which everyone has concluded for nearly a week) was used and then automatically discount the Rebels as not having the capability to carry out such an attack. Both of these statements are true but wrong conclusions are taken from these truths.

It is staggering that the Western – despite our website with a conservative angle and Dale Gavlak with a liberal angle both showing it is quite possible and probable, with video evidence, eyewitness testimony and confessions – that the Rebels may have carried out the attack or at least blundered an attack that caused death amongst their own people and fighters.

We have shown that there is a definite censoring of both our story and that of Dale Gavlak. So far, no major media outlets in the USA have included any doubt on the Obama regime’s story on Assad by including at least the Mint Press report from Dale Gavlak or any inquisitive reporting of their own. They scoff at Assad’s assertions, which Dale Gavlak and we have shown to be credible. Fox News started to report on the Dale Gavlak story but interrupted to go live to hear John Kerry on Friday but then never brought it up again. Dale Gavlak’s story – like ours – implicates Saudi Arabia, which could possibly implicate the USA, as we could have supplied through Saudi Arabia, the Sarin Gas. This needs further investigation.

Fox News – over the last several years – has never done one story critical of Saudi Arabia or its policies. Ironically, the last story that did criticize the Saudis was in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. Prince Al Waleed bin Talal gave Mayor Rudy Giuliani a check for ten million dollars for the victims but stated around the same time that the USA should change its policy on Israel. Giuliani returned the check and all the Fox News presenters’ were cheerleaders to that decision by the Mayor. This very same Prince Al Waleed bin Tal now controls nearly ten per cent of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News. Since then, Fox is as quiet as a sleeping bird about Saudi Arabia and a few years ago did a glowing news report on their biggest investor Prince Al-Waleed with soft ball interviews and smiles, a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn.

Our media is corrupt and rotten to the core. The sheeple of the United States who cannot see past the lies are deceived and manipulated. The churches are paralyzed by fear and corruption of their own.

The Syrian Crisis is manufactured! It is a major distraction used as a shield to distract us away from the many other scandals. The Republicans are complicit, deceived, and cowardly or out-maneuvered by the most evil president ever to govern the United States.

We have completely fallen as a Nation!


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