Video: Turkey providing Al-Qaeda supplies at Border?

Note: if anyone knows how to speak Dutch and is willing to transcribe the audio in this video report by Bram Vermeulen, please send us a note. There doesn’t appear to be a corresponding news article so translation of the video is needed.

Bram Vermeulen: Turkey helping Al-Qaeda

Bram Vermeulen: Turkey helping Al-Qaeda

A short description of the video in text form we were able to translate and can be found here:

Neighbor of Syria, Turkey is leading the call for Western intervention. The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan wants no warning, but an operation that Assad fall will bring. At the border, people are skeptical about the outcome of an attack.

Here is a short description of the video in English, via LiveLeak:

a dutch tv crew filming(saturday august 31) at the turkish – syrian border filmed a turkish secret agent helping al quaida and al nusra terrorists loading a truck with army supplies from turkey,the turkish agent got very nervous and said not to film him,than the dutch film crew asked the bearded terrorist what he thinks will happen in the coming days and he said “i like this i like it a lot that the americans will bomb the syrian army and regime” saying the syrians are inhumane…….(sic) but he also says they’s affraid the americans will not only attack the syrian army but also al quaida and al nusra fighters a.k.a terrorists

Here is the video at LiveLeak (translation of the audio from dutch into English greatly appreciated – just comment on this post and include translation):

**UPDATE** We received a note from “Dries”, who summarized (in English) what is seen in the aforementioned video:

Some Syrians want to flee to Turkey but Turkey does not want them to come over the border. The one man says he has been sleeping for 3 days on this side of Syria and has family in turkey but they don’t want to let him through to the Turkey side. But truckloads of goods are entering Syria from Turkey with soldier crates. The Turkish soldier didn’t want them to film him. He said they could film the Syrian soldier but not him. Turkey is supplying rebels (Muslim Brotherhood with hundreds of loads of goods). One of the rebels can’t wait for the Americans to bomb Assad. The Rebel is not trusting the Americans and is afraid they are also going to bomb Al-Qaida and Al-Nusra instead of Assad. It looks like the turks are very good partners in crime for the rebels the past few years.


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