Boehner again proves Cowardly and Worthless

Do you remember how tough Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) talked when he was in the minority? Well, ever since kicking off his tenure as majority leader after the 2010 elections with a series of good cries, he has caved on every single issue brought before him. In the case of Syria, Boehner has decided to throw his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood / Al-Qaeda rebels. The true irony of all this is that the Congress will be working toward giving the President the authority to fight on behalf of Al-Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11/01 and 9/11/12.

Boehner: Supports Al-Qaeda and cries a lot.

Boehner: Supports Al-Qaeda and cries a lot.

On a semi-related note, every one of these Congressmen better think long and hard before casting their votes. If, as mounting evidence suggests, it was the rebels who used Chemical weapons on August 21st, the Boehners of the world will have much to explain. In fact, if Yossef Bodansky is right, the Obama administration may have known about the attack before it happened and participated in a blood libel to frame Assad to justify attacking him.

If that is proven to be true, any member of Congress (each should be doing his / her due diligence right now anyway) who votes for defending Al-Qaeda should be brought up on charges of being accessories to war crimes.

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