Syria and CIA Director’s alleged conversion to Islam

Last February, during an interview with Tom Trento, John Guandolo claimed that he personally knows two people who witnessed current CIA Director John Brennan convert to Islam in the 1990’s while stationed in Saudi Arabia. We posted the interview at the time but in light of the allegations made by Yossef Bodansky and Dale Gavlak – in conjunction with our own research – relative to the CIA involvement in Syria, perhaps it’s an interview worth revisiting.

John Guandolo: Says CIA Director Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia

John Guandolo: Says CIA Director Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia

First of all, as we reported earlier, Bodansky’s article is far more damaging to the Obama administration if true, than is the Gavlak piece. Essentially, Bodansky reports that through witness accounts, Qatari, Turkish, and U.S. Intelligence representatives, which made up the “Mukhabarat Amriki” or a joint intelligence task force, met before the August 21st Chemical weapons attack in Syria. Bodansky then lays out the case rather convincingly that the Obama administration may very well have known about the impending strike beforehand and that it was actually the rebels who launched it in order to get American support.

A very interesting figure in all of this is the CIA Director himself, John Brennan. If Bodansky is correct, the CIA is actively pushing the Brotherhood’s agenda through murder and blood libel.

Now, let’s take a look at Gavlak’s article, which we’ve written about here. Though her piece isn’t as indicting of the Obama administration, it does consist of reports that point to a blood libel, that the August 21st attack was actually the result of Chemical weapons provided to the rebels by Saudi Intelligence Chief Bandar bin Sultan. Gavlak makes the case that the weapons inadvertently went off because the rebels did not know what they were or how to use them but she referenced an interesting claim about the relationship between Bandar and the CIA, made by Geoffrey Ingersoll of Business Insider in which a meeting between Bandar and Russian President Vladimir Putin that involved a veiled threat to Russia. Specifically, if Putin didn’t take a sweetheart oil deal in exchange for not supporting Syria, Bandar couldn’t guarantee that Chechen rebels wouldn’t launch terror attacks at the Olympics.

According to Ingersoll, the Obama administration knew about this attempted extortion:

Along with Saudi officials, the US allegedly gave the Saudi intelligence chief the thumbs up to conduct these talks with Russia, which comes as no surprise. Bandar is American-educated, both military and collegiate, served as a highly influential Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., and the CIA totally loves the guy.

The interview with Guandolo was close to 50 minutes but the best excerpts were pulled for this shorter version. When viewed through the prism of our report, along with the articles by Bodansky and Gavlak, Guandolo’s claims from several months ago may take on added significance and credibility:


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