Was McCain involved in Syrian (O’) Bag (y) exchange?

An interesting photo from Arabic sources, not so much because of the photo itself but because of what appears to be a bag exchange between John McCain and FSA General Salim Idris. The photo is of McCain standing next to rebel leader Idris and Razan Shalab AlSham, Field Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) during the Senator’s visit to the region this past May with SETF members Elizabeth O’Bagy and Mouaz Moustafa. The photo itself is not new; it’s been featured as one of several from McCain’s trip. What is new may be some context, thanks to a separate photo taken of McCain carrying a bag at his side during the trip.

According to this photo, which is linked to a facebook page that is no longer in use, McCain arrived at the meeting with Idris carrying a black bag (bottom right). Yet, in the photo taken after his arrival, McCain appears to have offloaded the bag to Idris.

While this could be little more than an elderly McCain looking for a little help holding a bag that grew heavy after a long trip, wouldn’t you like to know what was in it?

What was in the “O’bagy”, Senator?

What's in the bag, John?

What’s in the bag, John?

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