Report: Christopher Stevens’ killer released

By Walid Shoebat

According to a Tunisian television news report (Tn-Medias 1), individual members of that country’s security force are breaking their silence at great personal risk. According to these members, one of Christopher Stevens’ assassins in Benghazi last year was set free, despite overwhelming evidence.

Here is a translation of the contents of the news report, which can be viewed at the bottom of this post:

The Tunisian TV TN-Medias covered a press conference held by outraged Tunisian Security Forces who were threatened by Islamists and were even concerned about having to face prison sentences for their stand against terrorism in Tunisia. Several members from different branches of Tunisia’s security officials formed The National Union Of The Tunisian Security Forces to combat terrorism as a stand to fight the corruption.

Muhammad Al-Tahabi Al-Jawini: Stevens' killer released.

Muhammad Al-Tahabi Al-Jawini: Stevens’ killer released.

Facing threats to their lives, the Union spoke out on what should be a new and shocking revelation that confirms what other reports have been saying about Ansar Al-Sharia’s involvement in the Benghazi attack last year. One representative discussed Ansar Al-Sharia’s increased presence in Tunisia as well as its role in Benghazi.

Muhammad Al-Tahabi Al-Jawini, who runs the legal department in the security forces, issued a heroic statement when he said that one highly suspected terrorist was arrested and questioned about his connection to the Benghazi attack and that he is a Tunisian who resided in Turkey and was arrested after returning to Tunisia (see the :41 mark) stated that one highly suspected terrorist who was arrested and questioned for the Benghazi attacks is a Tunisian who resided in Turkey and later entered Tunisia, where he was arrested for his involvement in the killing of Ambassador Stevens. The official complained of failures in the system in releasing terrorists under the Al-Nahda Islamist government in which the suspect was released and let go in 2013 alongside an estimated 800 of the most wanted terrorists.

Excerpts from the translation shows the official giving his statement:

00:39 “In November 2012, one individual arrived from Turkey who was a Tunisian citizen coming from Turkey with an international dossier on him of being a terrorist.”

00:51-00:52 “and he is a suspect who we believe killed the American Ambassador in Libya”

00:53-00:56 “and then he is released from prison in 2013”.

The report also stated that of the 800 terrorists who were released, some were involved in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. American Embassy were released.

The Tunisian Security Forces Union were asking the people to stand up against government corruption and were giving a plea to stop the disasters created by Ansar Al-Sharia from creating chaos in Tunisia.

Al-Jawini gave a statement to one reporter (see 1:36-1:41):

“We have confirmed evidence that Ansar Al-Sharia has established itself in Tunisia considering it a land open for armed Jihad”.

The General Secretary of the Union Muntaser Al-Nasiri added that:

“A political will is necessary to combat the issues.”

As is the case in Egypt, there appears to be some courageous men of authority in Tunisia who are also willing to stand up to Islamists. As for political will to demand justice in the U.S.? Well, when Benghazi generates more interest than Miley Cyrus’ twerking videos, we’ll know we’re on the right track.

It would also seem that contrary to the congressional testimony of Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Ansar Al-Sharia IS a terrorist organization.

Here’s the report from Tn-Medias:


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